Bluetech, an artistic leader in the down tempo movement, has finally released his new EP, entitled Cosmic Dubs. Cosmic Dubs is an incredibly special milestone for Bluetech, marking the release of his 19th album throughout his thirteen-year long career.

The new EP contains five new and original tracks by Bluetech that have been previously sealed away in his vaults of music. Cosmic Dubs is a follow up album to the incredibly popular Bluetech album Basement Dubs from August of 2013. Bluetech has seen fit to grace his fans not only with a copy of Cosmic Dubs, but has packaged the new EP with Basement Dubs as well. Both albums will be available to download together today, April 15th, 2014. Be sure to go grab Bluetech’s newest album right now.

Bluetech is incredibly influenced by nature and the environment in which he lives, and derives many sounds and musical riffs from these elements. Cosmic Dubs utilizes many sounds that may seem mundane in everyday life, such as ringing glass or coins clinking together, and molds them into a harmonic symphony of melodic beats.

Bluetech takes a different route when producing his music and doesn’t rely only on rumbling bass filled tracks to attract fans. Instead, Bluetech focuses on creating a deep and mystical style of music that has been said is perfect for meditation or yoga. Bluetech is a huge proponent of green and sustainable energy and uses his musical talents and influences to help promote those non-profit organizations that help preserve the nature around the world.

Do not miss out on Bluetch’s new EP Cosmic Dubs, available to purchase today, and go see Bluetech at a festival or theater near you. Tour dates are listed below. Check out Bluetech’s Facebook for more information and music.


6/6/2014 Raindance Campout @ Belden Town Resort Belden CA
6/7/2014 Raindance Campout @ Belden Town Resort Belden CA
6/8/2014 Raindance Campout @ Belden Town Resort Belden CA
7/5/2014 Highberry @ Byrd’s Adventure Center Ozark AR
7/19/2014 Wanderlust Festival – Tahoe Lake Tahoe CA
7/23/2014 Silk City Philadelphia PA
7/24/2014 Glasslands Brooklyn NY
7/25/2014 Terminal West at King Plow Atlanta GA
7/26/2014 Farm Fest Music @ Toyes Recreation Sussex NJ
7/27/2014 Motion Notion Festival @ Beaverfoot Lodge Golden BC
9/20/2014 Great North Music & Arts Festival Norridgewock ME


Bluetech Press Photo

Bluetech Press Photo