When going on a weekend date, many women think they have to overload on makeup. Sure, the work week is over and you want to feel dressed up and sexy, but that doesn’t mean you have to cover up your best features with tons of makeup. Instead, play them up individually and not all at once. Your date will want to see your face, not a painting.

Here are some tips for the perfect date night look: 

1. Pretty, yet simple

Alberto E. Rodriguez

photo courtesy of the Daily Gloss

Emma Stone is Hollywood’s funny girl, yet she’s one of the most stylish 20-somethings and always has a fresh face. She uses a liquid liner to show off her amazing eyes, and also has a bright lip. Everything else is pretty tame, and you don’t have to go overboard with blush, either. Tip: You don’t have to match your lipstick to your outfit. I’m loving the paisley blue of her top along with the clash of her bright pink lips.

2. Naturally formal


photo courtesy of Allure

If we’re going to a nice restaurant or have tickets to a musical, we often think that we need to go dark. But you don’t always have to wear a dark shade of lipstick and dark liner to make yourself look formal. Jessica Biel always knows how to dress up her makeup, even when she doesn’t look like she’s wearing very much. A nude lip can go a long way. In this case, the most noticeable features are her eyes with a silver shadow. Don’t go crazy with it, but use it to highlight your eyes’ features. A little bit of mascara, maybe a touch of liner, and you’re set.

3. Bold lips, light eyes


courtesy of Byrdie.com

I love wearing a bright shade of red lipstick on dates. But to stay away from looking unnaturally made up, just apply a tiny amount of mascara on the eyes and a nude shadow. You don’t need eyeliner or a dark shadow, because you’ll look overdone. Kate Bosworth always has fresh makeup and always looks pretty, while looking like she only took a few minutes to get ready.