It’s time. Time to address the awkward arch that’s affecting your expression. Brows need boundaries too, you know. Enhance your appearance with evident eyebrows. Grasp these six guidelines to shape and shade beautiful brows.

Before lining or shading, measure to establish where your brow should begin, peak and end.  This is crucial to flatter your unique face shape.

1. The Brow’s Beginning

  • Use a straight edge to measure your eyebrow (eyebrow pencil or brush).
  • Hold straight edge vertically to line up the outermost side of your nose with the inside corner of eye.
  • The highest point of the straight implement that reaches your inner brow determines its start.

Pro Tip: Mark that spot with a faint dot using an eyebrow pencil.

2.  The Proportional Peak

  • Using the same technique, find where your arch should peak.
  • While looking directly forward, hold the straight edge alongside your nose at a 45-degree angle lining it up with the outermost edge of your iris.

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  • Again, the highest point of the measuring tool determines where your brow should bend.

Pro Tip: Define this dimension with another dot using an eyebrow pencil.

3. The Defining Decline

  • Establishing the eyebrow’s end is crucial to achieve an amazing arch.
  • Still gauging from alongside your nose, angle your tool to run along the outermost edge of your eye.
  • You guessed it. The guide’s highest point defines where your eyebrow should end.

Make your mark. If your eyebrows are starting to look like a constellation—congrats! You’re on the right track.

4. Connect the Dots

  • Following its natural curvature, sketch a soft line at the bottom of your eyebrow with a brow pencil to connect your reference points.
  • Lining the bottom determines the thickness of your brow.

5. Shade what’s Sparse 

Build on the soft line you created with a brow shadow to fill in your framework.

Pro Tip: I recommend using a duo brow palette. Use the lighter shade to fill, and the darker shade to define. Remember, the pencil was simply to create a blueprint for your brow. Use the darker shade from the brow palette to redefine the start, arch and end of your eyebrow.


6. Brush your Brows

Using an eyebrow grooming brush, gently sweep your brows with upward strokes to blend all the elements you’ve applied.

Setting your eyebrow makeup is really no different than finishing a hairstyle – we need hairspray. Many eyebrow palettes come with a waxy or gel substance that’s usually translucent. Polish your brows with the wax or gel to set your style.

Pro Tip: If your palette is simply shadows, use hairspray. Spritz some flexible hold hairspray onto a clean mascara wand. Comb your brows and you’re set! Well, your brows are anyway.