RaincatcherWhen the earthquake that devastated Haiti happened in 2010, the people of one of the poorest countries were left with one thing: resiliency. Since then, there have been numerous campaigns to raise awareness of the culture and the importance of its preservation. Here in Denver, three “ordinary” guys with a passion for people are working to add a tangible effort to the countries reconstruction.

Jeremy Pape, Derek Reinhardt and Jason Coates are partnering with RainCatcher to bring clean water to Haiti and they need your help. RainCatcher has donated clean water filters to be dispensed in the country to aid in its continued rebuilding and infrastructure. Pape, Reinhardt and Coates will travel to Haiti to study the values of the Haitian people and document their progress in the effort to provide clean water and unique resources.

The trio (a videographer, photographer and world traveller)  are working to raise $10,000 by their chosen April leave date in order to maximize efforts to install clean water filters for the residents in Haiti. From an artistic perspective the footage from the trip will include a documentary sharing the guys’ experience in working to change the world; one glass of water at a time.

Check here  to donate and find out more about the campaign. Watch the video below to learn more: