Jack and Coke cupcakes from Happy Cakes. Photo by Jackie Collins.

Jack and Coke cupcakes from Happy Cakes. Photo by Jackie Collins.

What: Happy Cakes Bakeshop

Where: 3434 W 32nd Avenue in Denver, and 449 Main Street in Longmont

Pros: Gorgeous cupcakes in both conservative (Vanilla on Vanilla) and adventurous (Infinite Monkey Perfect Pear) flavors that rotate daily.

 Cons: Since the flavors do rotate, make sure you check the daily menu online if you have your heart set on a certain one.

If you haven’t already snagged your tickets for Denver Fashion Weekend, make sure you do so immediately—you don’t want to miss the boozy cupcakes Happy Cakes Bakeshop will be serving up on the 5th and the 6th.

For seven years now this cozy little shop in the Highlands has been churning out a bevy of cupcake flavors ranging from classic to adventurous. While some of the flavors are available everyday, other flavors here change daily–so when I originally reviewed Happy Cakes a few months back, I hadn’t had a chance to sample any of the booze-infused cupcakes, which are featured every Friday.

This time I made sure to stop by Happy Cakes on a Friday so I could sample some of the liquored-up cupcakes. I couldn’t wait to try the Jack and Coke– a fluffy coca-cola cupcake topped with creamy bourbon buttercream- which tasted both classic and inventive. Unexpectedly however, my personal favorite out of the alcohol-infused cupcakes was the Infinite Monkey Perfect Pear. The spiced pears in the batter keep the cake super moist, and the buttercream is fortified with a hint of zingy Infinite Monkey Theorem Sauvignon Blanc that perfectly complements the cake. You don’t see white wine featured often in baked goods, but it really works well here. I didn’t expect to like this one as much as I did, as I’m usually more of a chocolate sort of girl. But either my tastes are changing or the cupcakes here are that good, because I also loved the very fruity Cosmo Cupcake.t Martha Stewart herself proclaimed it one of her favorites in the USA. The lime-infused frosting topping the vodka-soaked cranberry cupcake made for a light, fresh, and summery treat that I could probably eat a few of.

All of the cupcakes I’ve tried here so far have been well-balanced in terms of flavor, moist, and just as a beautiful to look at as they are delicious.  And even though the Denver shop is small, it smells like my version of heaven–butter, sugar and all things sweet. The cupcakes are artfully displayed on a mismatched collection of vintage cake stands, giving the whole experience a nostalgic touch.  Stop in soon to check out the flavors of the day, or visit the menu on the Happy Cakes website for the scoop.


Cosmopolitan Cupcakes at Happy Cakes. Photo by Jackie Collins.

Cosmo Cupcakes at Happy Cakes. Photo by Jackie Collins.


Make sure not to miss Happy Cakes on the 5th and 6th of Denver Fashion Weekend!