The Unicorn Love Party: 7 Deadly Sins Annual Valentine’s Day Bash

522492_506310212740793_129595548_nAh, Valentine’s Day. Chocolates, flowers, PDA… all red and pink all over. Barf.

The restaurants are all booked up, the rom-com tickets are sold out, the city is just a-buzz with love. Thank god for The Fucking Unicorns.

The Fucking Unicorns are bringing you their Annual Love Party: 7 Deadly Sins Edition. While the theme sounds dark, the Unicorns assure you that the party will be anything but. The event takes place at the Oriental Theater, starting at 9pm and going strong til 2am. Tickets cost $15 for a single ticket and $25 for a couples ticket (plus minor fees) and can be purchased here:

Who the hell are The Fucking Unicorns anyway?
They are a Burning Man theme camp. They are “teachers, nurses, welders, business men, lawyers, artists, computer programmers, performers, professional climbers, parents, and friends. They hold degrees in everything from mathematics to art history, but they are not your average 30 somethings.”
“We are Unicorns because we share a collective desire to add more life and color to the world. We are those people. The ones walking down the street wearing a little more pink, a lot more faux fur, and way more sparkles than might be considered decent. We are the weird neighbors – the GOOD kind – the ones who show up to the fire dept. pancake breakfast on pogo sticks. We are the only adults at a kid’s movie and the only kids at the office. We are your best friends with whip cream and a cherry on top. And we take fun seriously!”
unicorn2Not sure what to expect? Are you getting nervous just reading this post? What kind of freak show will The Unicorn Love Party be featuring this year? Local Denver DJs Kanyon, Ishe, MLE, Motto, and Schmid- E will be spinning beats that coincide with the Seven Deadly Sins theme: Lust, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, and Pride. There will be performance art from a slew of local talent: aerial silks, acro-yoga, and of course, fire.
If you missed The Love Party last year, this is your chance for redemption. Check out the video below from last year’s party for some inspiration:
This event is a fundraiser for The Fucking Unicorns, who plan on using the proceeds to build a brand spankin’ new “Imagination Machine,” a mobile performance stage, dance floor, and play structure, to take out to the playa this coming year. Last year, with the money that they raised, they constructed a behemoth of a mobile LED rainbow, complete with a bangin’ soundsystem.
Still curious about The Fucking Unicorns? Want to learn more about these mythical creatures? Check out this interview with their Chancellor of Bling, Slim Jim Dandy, from Burn After Reading Magazine.
Can you come dressed as a Unicorn? Sure.
Can you come dressed as a Sloth? Why not.
So come one, come all. While all the other couples are making nice, free your spirit and sin away.

Allison Cohn loves gold spray paint and nonsense. She also has a very difficult time sitting still and keeping quiet. She can often be found dancing like a fool when she isn’t hiding out in her mountain lair or gallivanting around the globe. Allison is 303 Magazine’s Music Desk Editor, specializing in jam bands, funk, bluegrass, and all things bizarre and avant-garde. If you have something intriguing to share, you can reach her at

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