Happenin’ Hoods: Five reasons to love the Highlands

The Highlands is one of Denver’s most popular neighborhoods amongst young professionals, couples and families, and 303’s found five reasons why.



Located in 250-acre area of North Denver, west of I-25, this neighborhood is a 15-minute walk, bike or cab ride away from the allure of downtown Denver, making it a prime spot for one-of-a-kind boutiques, trending restaurants, and festivals. Along with it’s proximity to the heart of the city, trending retail and dining establishments, the Highlands is full of a rich history, with hints of Italian and Latino heritage. The combination of modern trends and historic past make this neighborhood one of Denver’s most happenin’ spots to be live work and play.




Founded in 1858, the Highlands is one of Denver’s many historic neighborhoods.

Home to a rich immigrant history and culture, the remnants of a Scottish, German, Italian and Latino presence can be seen throughout the architecture, street names, restaurants throughout the Highlands.

Home to 19 nationally-registered historic landmarks such as the 19th Street Bridge and the Old Highlands Business District (LoHi), this neighborhood continues to provide a diverse history, with a large Italian and Latino culture and distinctive, flavorful trend-setting mélange of restaurants and boutiques.



West Highlands

West of Federal Boulevard lies a quiet section of the Highlands known as the West Highlands. Full of renovated lofts, condos and bungalow-style homes, this area is a quiet, laid-back section of the bustling neighborhood.

Bordered by Sheridan Boulevard, West 29th Avenue, Federal Boulevard, and West 38th Avenue, the West Highlands area resembles a historic, suburban neighborhood within the boundaries of a fast-paced city.

The area is a charming, pleasantly quiet part of the neighborhood and is a serene home to urban families and young couples and boasts historic houses, churches, schools and a diverse business district, Highlands Square.

West Highlands has an ideal proximity to downtown Denver and hip homes and features, but without the fast-pace and popularity of LoHi.


The Highlands Denver 303 MagazineLoHi

In the Southeast corner of this neighborhood lies a vibrant, hip area, the Lower Highlands (LoHi).

Known for being a trendsetter, the area draws droves of people to see the area’s panoramic views of Denver, taste one of the numerous craft eateries and shop among the dozens of one-of-a-kind boutiques.

Located a short walk or ride away from downtown Denver, the area continuously draws in twenty-somethings, young professionals, and urban families looking for a distinctive look, delicious happy hour, and an inclusive, vibrant community.



The Highlands has a fun, welcoming and encouraging sense of neighborhood community.

Here, through smaller organizations residents, businesses and individuals have the opportunity to expand their network, be a part of a fun, community, and participate in happy hours, farmers markets and other events connecting individuals together.

The Highlands is an inclusive, diverse neighborhood, and whether a young professional in LoHi or an urban couple or family in West Highlands, or somewhere in between, this area is distinctive, with an open sense of community and diversity.


In my opinion, these five, key aspects separate the Highlands as one North Denver’s most happenin’ neighborhoods and it’s not hard to see why.

The Highlands is a happenin’ place to be. 

Photographs by Glenn Ross and Rhonda DePalma

Crystal Anderson is an adventure-seeking journalist, who loves geeking out to Lord of the Rings, meeting new people and traveling. She’s interested in exploring all of Denver’s hidden wonders and hotspots. Have a favorite hidden haunt you want covered? Divulge your secrets to crystal@dev-303magazine.pantheonsite.io

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