Artwork in general tells a story, but Lea Wells has taken her art to a whole new storytelling level. “I just dream stuff and then I have to put it on canvas before I forget the feeling,” smiles Lea, “It’s like keeping a large four color journal.”


"Raven" - Lea Wells

“Raven” – Lea Wells



Like many artists I have met and interviewed, it seems Lea’s parents are to thank for introducing her to her own artistic expression. “My parents gave me good art supplies and locked me outside,” laughs Lea.


The gravity and individual feeling that Lea puts into every one of her paintings allows a different feeling and story to come through. It is this enchanting touch that draws the viewer into the story presented within her paintings.


Working mostly in acrylic and oils Lea has raised the dynamic features of her work by combining her primary medium with “random stuff on the canvas like feathers, newspaper clippings, and poetry.”

This talent for artistic storytelling has caught the attention of publishers which have contracted Lea to be the illustrator of three upcoming children’s books. “The illustrated fairy tales of Arthur Rackham was one of my greatest influences,” states Lea. Other artists that struck an awe chord with her are Gabriel Pacheco, Alan Lee, Francesca Vignaga.


"Beach" - Lea Wells

“Beach” – Lea Wells

“I don’t really know or think about how my talents are different or unique from other artists out there. I believe all of us artists are pulling stuff from a deep place in our souls and the variety in the art/music/writing you see is proof of how unique all humans are,” smiles Lea.

“We don’t know how much time we have here. We waste a lot of time doing what others tell us we should be doing and not enough time doing what our heart yearns to do,” states Lea. “I try to love the people in my life and carry on with my dream. It all works out.”


Lea Wells is an artist that is continuing to grow and show her audience the depths and range of her artistic talents without fear.  Lea Wells is also an artist to follow, commission and collect.


Lea Wells - Artist

Lea Wells – Artist


To learn more about Lea Wells and follow her progress with her upcoming books you can follow her on Twitter at or




You can also find Lea Wells artwork in Denver at Lapis Gallery, Denver Art Gallery, Tenn St Books and Cuttin It Loose. In Los Angeles, Studio 51 and Green Tiger Studio in San Diego.

The time to be a collector is now, why wait.