Donovan Cobbins perfecting his latte work. Photo by Adam Ripplinger.

What: Coffee at the Point

Where: 710 East 26th Avenue in Five Points

Pros: Not only is there an extensive menu, but the space itself is huge. It’s perfect for meeting friends or business colleagues.

Cons: If you live north of the city, it may be a trek for you. Free parking helps entice patrons that don’t live in the area.

Denver’s Five Points neighborhood hasn’t always had the best reputation. As one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, it is rich with Jazz culture and history, yet had a rising crime rate over the last decade. However, that has changed thanks to local businesses like Coffee at the Point. Owned and managed by brothers Ryan and Donovan Cobbins, Coffee at the Point is a great local establishment that brings in locals and visitors alike. With an extensive menu of coffee, beer and wine, sandwiches and soups, and gelato, it’s a great place to take the family or meet up with friends.

Ryan Cobbins had a mission when opening Coffee at the Point over three years ago. He wanted to own an establishment that was positive and community driven.


Prosciutto & Fig Jam Sandwich

“I have two little girls. I wanted to have a place to take the family. Dad can have a beer, Mom can have a glass of wine, and the kids can have some gelato. I wanted it to be a positive atmosphere,” said Cobbins.

With his brother Donovan, he has created that place.  Donovan Cobbins has extensive food service experience and has helped to expand Coffee at the Point’s menu over the last three years. They only had about five options when they first opened, and the menu has since doubled in size. After trying their popular Prosciutto & Fig Jam Sandwich, with goat cheese, granny smith apples and mixed greens, it was clear that their effort has paid off. The sandwich tasted fresh and delicious with their Boar’s Head ingredients that are prepared daily. I was pleased to find that it did not have a “sitting out all day” taste that some coffee shop sandwiches can have. Paired with the Chicken Pot Pie soup, delivered fresh daily from Boar’s Head, it was a filling and satisfying lunch.


Coffee at the Point has a great selection of beer and wine.

And of course, you can’t forget the coffee. It’s the staple of Coffee at the Point, and all of the employees are constantly perfecting their craft. The shop proudly serves Novo Coffee, and all of the baristas will attend training classes at Novo to continue learning and refining their work. It definitely shows. The Coffee at the Point Latte was tasty. They also serve delectable loose leaf tea. The Moroccan Mint was a great afternoon drink if you are looking for something fulfilling without the caffeine buzz.

Coffee at the Point was just named Best Coffee Shop by Denver’s A-List and it’s easy to see why. The space is over 3000 square feet and has a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you came to study, have a meeting with colleagues, or just chat with friends over a wine tasting or happy hour, you will find the shop to be extremely accommodating. The shop has also been hosting youth open mic nights and beer tastings with breweries like River North Brewery and Dry Dock. Coffee at the Point has become more than a coffee shop. It’s a versatile community meeting space.  And that’s exactly how the Cobbins brothers want it.

“We realized that not everyone works 9-5 anymore,” said Ryan Cobbins.  “Whether you are coming to enjoy yourself after work or just starting your work at 8:30 PM, we can get you a coffee or a beer. We want to accommodate that.”

Photos by Adam Ripplinger, 303 Magazine Photographer