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What: A 12-week themed cocktail program pairing local restaurants and distilleries.

Where: Rotating locations every two weeks.

Pros: Denver is finally giving the Craft Cocktail movement some lovin’ and with a $5 hosted beverage at each event…a hangover might be included too.

Cons: You only have two weeks for each installment.  So, plan your nights and happy hours accordingly.

image 4Ever wonder what the newest spirit on the market is?  Who’s concocting cutting edge cocktails? Where to get them?  You are in luck!  Angelshare puts that knowledge right at the tip of your taste buds, bringing together the community, libation lovers, distilleries and restaurants.   Angelshare, trade lingo for the quantity of an alcoholic liquor lost to evaporation (sent to heaven) during the distilling process, puts an interactive spin on your average trip to your local bar.  During the installments, tasting seminars will be conducted where patrons get to meet and mingle with the distillers giving them the opportunity to ask questions and find out where that heavenly deliciousness came from.  Everyone loves a back story!  If that wasn’t enough each venue will showcase a $5 cocktail.  And if that STILL isn’t enough, $1 of each of those cocktails goes to Heroes Like Us, a Denver-based nonprofit, created by Chef Jensen Cummings and a dedicated league of chefs, bartenders, food and beverage vendors and like-minded crusaders with a mission to elevate Denver’s favorite food and drink events by supporting the nonprofits and culinary community working so hard to throw the most delicious events around and raise money to support their neighbors in need.  How could you resist?  Great cocktails and you help save the world!

image 7Participating restaurants include Coohills, The Curtis Club, Freshcraft, Jax, Lola and Star Bar and spirits from Breckenridge Distillery, Dancing Pines Distillery, Deerhammer Distilling, Downslope Distilling Company, Feisty Spirits and J&L Distilling Company.

Listen if the angels are loving all the fumes, I guarantee you will love the real thing.  Grab some friends – pick a week or two and get involved in the craft cocktail scene.  Your beer snob friends will be jealous.





image 5Installment 1 January 29 – February 11: Ancestrals

Breckenridge Distillery & Star Bar

Dancing Pines Distillery & Lola

Deerhammer Distilling Company & Jax

Downslope Distilling & Freshcraft

Feisty Spirits & The Curtis Club

J&L Distilling Company & Coohills

Installment 2 February 12 – February 25: Flips, Fizzes & Noggs

Breckenridge Distillery & Coohills

Dancing Pines Distillery & Star Bar

Deerhammer Distilling Company & Lola

Downslope Distilling & Jax

Feisty Spirits & Freshcraft

J&L Distilling Company & The Curtis Club

Installment 3 February 26 – March 11: Mardi Grasimage 6

Breckenridge Distillery & The Curtis Club

Dancing Pines Distillery & Coohills

Deerhammer Distilling Company & Star Bar

Downslope Distilling & Lola

Feisty Spirits & Jax

J&L Distilling Company & Freshcraft

Installment 4 March 12 – March 25: Distillers Choice

Breckenridge Distillery & Freshcraft

Dancing Pines Distillery & The Curtis Club

Deerhammer Distilling Company & Coohills

Downslope Distilling & Star Bar

Feisty Spirits & Lola

J&L Distilling Company & Jax

Installment 5 March 26 – April 8: Highballs & Collinsimage

Breckenridge Distillery & Jax

Dancing Pines Distillery & Freshcraft

Deerhammer Distilling Company & The Curtis Club

Downslope Distilling & Coohills

Feisty Spirits & Star Bar

J&L Distilling Company & Lola

Installment 6 April 9 – April 22: Tropicals, Punches & Patio Cocktails

Breckenridge Distillery & Lola

Dancing Pines Distillery & Jax

Deerhammer Distilling Company & Freshcraft

Downslope Distilling & The Curtis Club

Feisty Spirits & Coohills

J&L Distilling Company & Star Bar


All photos by Krista Ahlgrim of Industry Denver.