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Rating: 4/5

Release Date: December 17th, 2013

Felix Leiter, now the recognized resident DJ of Newcastle’s own Digital Newcastle night club, has released a brand new EDM delicacy.

With the support of Penny Foster (featured as the vocalist on the track), Leiter puts an entirely new, rapturous twist on the word “Paradise.” A paradise that only comes in the form of sound and of musical consummation — a paradise birthed from one of England’s finest DJs. FL2With the help of Mutants Records, started by Swedish music producer John Dahlback (Kaliber), “Paradise” is three minutes of captivating electronica; an aural assault of euphoric synth bliss. Penny Foster is spot on as her vocals soar across the conglomerate of guitar, piano and synth frequencies, offering up what vocally sounds reminiscent of a Lady Gaga track. And if there’s one person that knows how to project her voice on a highly stylized club-based beat, then its Lady Gaga. (Record sales, radio play and chart placement, alone, will agree).

It’s the level of sophistication, the focus and the professionalism of “Paradise’s” sound itself. Yet, there’s still a fine simplicity about it (as many of today’s EDM tracks are convoluted with unnecessary intricacies) that is most telling of Leiter’s latest single. Leiter and Foster are an unparalleled duo, thriving from one another’s strengths in the world of electronic dance, which is often extremely difficult to find.

With a musical connection as strong as the one that Leiter and Foster exhibit on “Paradise,” we can only hope that the two will be in collaboration once more. “Paradise” is certain to hit the EDM playlists at your city’s best night club, so be sure to take a listen for yourself. (You can also purchase the song at iTunes, now).

Written by Samuel Lang of 303 Magazine.
Photos courtesy of Felix Leiter, Mutants Records and The Sixth Degree.