I’m sure many of us are already preparing our minds and bodies for the wompfest that will be the third annual Decadence NYE 2013 brought to your Mile High city by Global Dance, AEG Live and Live Nation. I’m seeing necks breaking, neon tutus all over the place and clouds of glitter swirling through the air. In preparation of the biggest EDM extravaganza of New Year’s Eve, 303 Magazine has compiled a list of our favorite songs from each of the artists so you can get down during your countdown to Decadence NYE.

The playlists are broken down into night one and night two. Perfect for bumping through your speakers on the long drive home for the holiday or that shitty 6 am plane ride with the little demon kicking your chair the entire duration–speaking from experience here. Hell, play ’em on Christmas Eve. Maybe Granny secretly likes dubstep or kooky Aunt Nancy is closet PLF. Wherever you listen, picture the bass amplified and the reverberations echoing through the gaping walls of the Colorado Convention Center.

Stream the playlists below or find them on Soundcloud here. Haven’t purchased your Decadence NYE ticket yet? Grab one here.