With Christmas Eve being just three weeks from today, it’s time to do some serious shopping. But instead of buying your friends and loved ones gifts that they don’t really need – or like – we’ve gathered some of the best gift ideas from local boutiques, a local chocolatier, and some of our favorite websites.

From this week on, the Fashion desk will be publishing two gift guides per week. Now there’s no excuse as to why your Christmas gifts will disappoint this year. And today, it’s ladies first. Leave the cheap perfume and ugly socks out of her stocking and get her stuff that she’ll actually love – and use.

Here are our picks for the best stocking stuffers for her


 #1. MINImergency Kit: $15

It seems like women are always running into ’emergency’ situations when they’re on the go. Whether we spill something on ourselves minutes after leaving the house or we have a headache and would kill for a couple of pills, situations like this always happen. Luckily, there’s a MINImergency kit made especially for women. The kit includes: hairspray, clear nail polish, polish remover, emery board, lip baml, earring backs, clear elastics, mending kit, safety pin, ‘Shermency’ tape, stain remover, deodorant towelette, pain reliever, tampon, breath freshener, dental floss, and an adhesive bandage.

Buy it HERE.


#2. MARC by MARC JACOBS ‘Sleeping Bunny’ Slippers: $198


You might be asking yourself why you’d spend $198 on slippers, but when your wife/girlfriend/mother/sister finds these slippers in her stocking on Christmas morning, you’ll be glad you splurged. Not only are they cute and comfortable – they’re designer.

Buy them HERE.


scarf2 2

#3. Anthropologie Misen cowl: $48

Infinite scarves and cowls have made their way into our trend list for fall and we can’t get enough of them. Take this ‘Misen’ cowl from Anthropologie. The soft pink will make any girl with dark hair look incredible, and we suggest the dark gray for those with lighter hair.

Buy it HERE








#4. Flavor infuser water bottle: $15

Why not start Christmas off with a healthy trade-off? I recently bought one of these water bottles because it allows me to give flavoring to my water without adding a gross powder or without getting chunks of fruit in each sip. I cut up cucumbers, grapefruit or berries and put them in here. It satisfies my craving for sweets and it makes me actually drink my water. Plus…it’s fun to look at.

Buy it HERE.




#5. Robertas Chocolates: $5.95+

Roberta's Chocolates - 3/17/07-3/19/07I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman that doesn’t like chocolate. Instead of throwing in a santa claus Chocolate bar that will sit in the kitchen until Easter, get her Denver’s A-List’s pick for the “Best Chocolate in Denver,” Roberta’s. Whether you order in bulk online or you go into the shop on 29th Avenue in Denver, put a little local love in her stocking. I suggest Roberta’s dark chocolate caramel marshmallow patty. Just try not to eat it before Christmas.

To order, click HERE.


#6. m.pulse skincare products

If you were lucky enough to get a gift bag at this fall’s Denver Fashion Weekend, you’ve probably tested out one m.pulse products that were in there. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re hooked, so we thought we’d suggest it as a stocking stuffer. m.pulse has thick, yet delicious smelling body lotion, and the eye cream gives you practically instant results. There are six m.pulse locations in Colorado, including one at Cherry Creek.

Learn more HERE.


#7. STILA Color Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set: $28

A girl can never have enough lip gloss, and with this lip glaze set, she won’t run out for months. This lip gloss is one of my favorites, because it’s thick without being sticky, and it lasts for hours. I’ve tried several of these colors and I can’t choose a favorite. So instead of buying or or two, let her decide which color is her favorite.

Buy it HERE