"Age of Aquarius" - Erik Rieger - Created at Kevin Larson Presents "End of the World" Event December 2012

“Age of Aquarius” – Erik Rieger – Created at Kevin Larson Presents “End of the World” Event December 2012



First you hear the beat, then a flash of light in the corner of your eye. As you turn toward it, rhythmically the beat and light begin to pulsate as one. It’s fascinating. Now not only are your eyes drawn to it like a firefly to the fire, but your body and soul are as well.


What is this slightly dangerous looking act of artistic expression that is happening right before your eyes? It is Colorado Native Artist Erik Rieger. He is The 4th Dimensional Artist, creating holographic images with an edge.





White Out Event - February 2013

White Out Event – February 2013



As sparks shoot off into the night, dark night club or special event you begin to notice that this artist is not just shooting sparks to a beat for no reason, an image begins to take shape.

With your mouth slightly open you wonder and ask your friend how this can be possible. First you notice an eye, then a nose and possibly hair and realize that Einstein is staring at you no matter where you walk. It is awe-inspiring.


This is an artistic craft that Erik has developed and shaped over the course of 20 years. Performing as an opener for bands, special events, a constant attraction for the night club scene, or any event you can dream up for Erik to create his art at. Once you’ve experienced even just one of his shows, most are determined to experience it over and over again.


Being a theater major, with two undergraduate degrees; one in Theater and one a Bachelor in Fine Art, it is not surprising that Erik would imagine and then create an artistic expression that is purely his own, one-of-kind.


Three Kings - Erik Rieger - Photo Courtesy of Michael Reiger

Three Kings Tavern, Denver, CO – Erik Rieger – Photo Credit Michael Rieger


Just when you thought the artistic vision was enough, Erik has integrated his musical skills into his performance art. He was in the Goth-Punk band, Blah Blah Blah back in the 1980’s and has studied Flamenco Guitar with Rene Heredia for the past 30 years in which their relationship has flourished from teacher and student into a long-time friendship. Erik mixes his musical prowess into his performance just as a seasoned DJ might. Erik brings a singularity into his art and musical performance.

You are invited to experience Erik Riegers 4th Dimensional artistic expression “live” at a “Meet the Artist”  reception this Saturday, November 16th6 p.m. – 8 p.m. at Highland Park Apartments, 2424 W. Caithness Place, Denver, CO 80211, 303.861.2424. Erik’s first performance of the evening will start at 6:30 p.m.


"Winter Goddess" - Erik Rieger - Created at the White Out - Art of Winter Event February 2013

“Winter Goddess” – Erik Rieger – Created at the White Out – Art of Winter Event February 2013




Toward the end of last year Erik began creating a new series dedicated to the four alchemical elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth. The first, Water, “Age of Aquarius” was created at the End of the World Event hosted by Kevin Larson Presents in December 2012.  The second, Air, “Winter Goddess”  was created at the White Out – Art of Winter Event in February 2013 at the McNichols Event Center. Come and see what will be the 3rd in the series this Saturday, November 16th.


Erik Rieger’s artwork is on-sale and on display at Highland Park Apartments through January 10th, 2014.

You can also view his work at Lapis Gallery/Lapis Design & Build, 3971 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212, in which Erik is also an owner of, visit the gallery in person or on-line www.lapisarts.com.

You can also find Erik’s artwork and a short documentary, Produced and Edited by David Liban at www.WENDOProductions.com.

If you think your life is missing that certain Spark… then this is definitely one event you won’t want to miss. See you tomorrow night at Highland Park Apartments. Remember this event is from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

The time to be an art collector is now. Why wait, your artistic adventure awaits you.