PJ Brunch Kids 1-001

Photo provided by Second Home

What: Pajama Brunch! Kids in their PJ’s eat for free

Where: Second Home in Cherry Creek, 150 Clayton Lane in the lobby of the JW Marriott Denver

When: Sundays 7am-2pm

You’ve got to try: The Special Bag O’ Doughnuts with pomegranate sauce being served in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At $5 these sweet treats are a real deal and $2 from every one sold will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

When I was a kid (and sometimes still now as a “grown up”) all I wanted to do was spend a whole day lounging in my PJ’s. But then parents would inevitably interrupt my plans with their errands and silly adult commitments like going out for brunch. Well now parents and kids alike can find common ground at Second Home. Though this Cherry Creek restaurant is known more for swanky happy hours and business lunches than casual, well, anything, on Sundays servers sport their best pajamas and any young diners still in their sleepy-time wear get to eat for free. Valet parking is free here too with validation from the restaurant, so really it’s a win-win.


Photo by Crystal Rhea

Just because the kids are along for the ride doesn’t mean adult-beverages have to be snubbed. At least one parent (hey, flip a coin) should still give the Bloody Mary Bar here a try. I was a little disappointed that the bloody bar here is not bottomless as many others in town are, but Second Home makes up for that with creative mixes and loads of additions for your creation. I tried the Asian mix, which had a unique soy flavor, and the restaurant plans on continuing to expand the selections in the near future. There were even rumblings of a Guinness Book of World Records-worthy version to come, which is an idea I think they may have stolen from my dreams.

If bloody Marys aren’t your thing, there are also Bottomless Mimosas (I enjoyed the tart grapefruit version) and specialty cocktails like the Rocky Mountain Sunrise, a colorful mix of orange juice, pineapple juice, tequila and grenadine that looked as gorgeous as its namesake though it really just make me want to head to the beach. But the most intriguing drink option isn’t available just yet. A Hot Chocolate Bar complete with adult add-ins like Bailey’s is planned for this winter and would certainly be a warm and welcome addition to a cold brunch day.


Photo by Crystal Rhea

As a restaurant that is located in the lobby of a hotel, Second Home is not the place to go for exciting foodie adventures. The majority of the brunch menu is filled with the expected classics like benedicts, pancakes, and the classic eggs, meat and potatoes. Even though it’s not going to win most creative brunch, the food was solid and is great for pleasing a crowd. The Bag O’ Donuts (which is served on a skillet, oddly enough) is a nice starter, especially since October’s version featuring pomegranate sauce benefits the Susan G. Komen foundation with $2 from every $5 order going to the organization.

Another sweet option that will please kid and kids-at-heart are the Fruit Loop Pancakes served with a gooey Fruit Loop treat on top. The Tuscan Kale and Broccoli Escabeche salad option is a nice healthier choice. The half-size portion was plenty for me, and I enjoyed the autumn friendly ingredients like golden raisins and walnuts. Second Home smokes their own meats, and the Turkey Cubano is one dish that shows off why that process is worth it. With tender house-smoked turkey, turkey confit, yellow mustard, pickles, and Jarlsberg cheese, this sandwich is great with a cup of Gazpacho on the side. The bread was a bit too crunchy, though, so it’s worth it to ask for yours to be only lightly toasted.

Unfortunately, there was one dish that stood out for the wrong reasons. My server said it’s is popular, so maybe it’s my Southern roots, but I always have high expectations for Chicken and Waffles and am usually left disappointed (read about the one notable exception in Denver here). Second Home’s version features cornbread waffles which left me missing the texture and flavor of a classic Belgian, and bone-in chicken (a choice which makes it difficult to get that perfect bite of both components at once) with a more soggy than crispy crust.

Despite some hiccups, Second Home is still a wonderful place to meet for brunch, especially if it’s a family outing. The contrast of the sleek décor and the PJ’s everywhere also adds a layer of fun to the experience here and the outdoor area complete with fireplace is a gorgeous spot to start your day. Here, the kids get a break from the pesky responsibility of getting ready and you get happy kids and no dishes. Like I said, win-win all around.