La Piadina ReviewWhat: Authentic Italian Flat bread Sandwiches at La Piadina

Where: On the CSU campus Monday-Friday

Recommendation: Eggplant & Cheese


The Streets of CSU have been graced with the presence of food trucks this year, something long needed on the beautiful college campus. In being at a college the food that these food trucks serve has two be two things; accessible and affordable. La Piadina fits the bill.

La Piadina serves up Italian Flat bread sandwiches call Piadina’s. These sandwiches are a lunch time staple for Italians. This concept is perfect for CSU students because essentially it’s a sandwich and every college kid should be familiar with sandwiches. So while you feel at home ordering a sandwich you are going to get a completely new flavor experience. Every Piadina gets the same delicious flat bread. It’s slightly denser than normal flat bread but has a great buttery richness. After the flat bread you can get a range of classic Italian ingredients from sweet to savory. Ingredients can range from eggplant and cheese to homemade pesto and tomato. They also have their sweet Piadina which features walnuts, a fruit jam, and nutella.  Chocolate, fruit, and nuts are always a winning combination in my book. And what college student doesn’t love nutella?La Piadina Review

Another thing college students love is great prices and La Piadina delivers. Everything on La Piadina’s menu is $10 and under! For a homemade meal with fresh ingredients that can’t be beat. And when I say fresh ingredients I really mean fresh. As in the basil was picked out of Menyus, the owner’s garden that morning. You can’t even find that in most restaurants. And every college student could afford a little break from the ramen to get some fresh food in their diet. Fresh ingredients and big Italian flavors are the root of what this truck is all about. So if you haven’t taken the time to go check out La Piadina on campus you need to try it out. These authentic flat bread sandwiches await you.


All photos by Alyse Bradway