Photo courtesy of Cherub

Photo courtesy of Cherub

What could possibly be better than one night of Cherub? TWO nights of Cherub. Our favorite funky fresh electro duo comprised of Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley surprised Colorado fans on Twitter last night by adding another Halloween show in the mile high city. In addition to their gig at Fox Theatre in boulder, the two cheeky crooners were kind enough to give us an extra dose(s and mimosas) of their funky goodness at Larimer Lounge in Denver this Saturday, November 2nd.

This post-Halloween weekend let the tunes of Cherub dance on your heart strings and into your soul. After the first piercing falsetto note, you’re hooked in the best way possible. The breakdowns themselves are enough to keep your mind stimulated all night long. Cherub’s energy during the live performance mirrors the electricity of their beats, the hilariously risqué lyrics and their adorably blatant disregard for all things conventional.

These reasons coupled with Kelley’s gleaming mouthful of gold teeth and Huber’s signature fedora makes us weak at the knees with love for Cherub. With each new track, album or live performance, we belong more to their feisty variety of music and sexy brand of baby-making jams.

If you’ve ever listened to even one Cherub track, you know that Kelley and Huber are people you want to party with, so why not spend your Halloween weekend drinking in their sexy, rowdy dance jams? The show in Boulder is sold out, but you can still grab tickets to the show at Larimer Lounge that went on sale today at 10am. Tickets are 15$ ahead and $20 at the door—but I have a sneaking suspicion tickets won’t last until the door, so grab them now!

Until then, here’s a flawless video of the fellas from Cherub performing “Doses and Mimosas” on the back of a golf cart at Bonnaroo 2012. It’s 100% as glorious as it sounds, xoxo.