Photo Courtesy of Sean Hartgove

Photo Courtesy of Sean Hartgove

The big-little salon in Capitol Hill is simple, sophisticated and snug…in the right ways. Juno salon opened in 2009 and has been featured in Denver Fashion Weekend’s hair show for the past four years.

“Prior to being invited to the first one, [DFW] we had just opened our salon,” Philip Galaviz, owner of Juno salon said. “We opened in June so that first October was our first experience going to a show and we were blown away.”

After they’re first year, Juno was invited to be a part of DFW’s hair show. The salon has been a staple participant for years and we’re excited because they’re planning something a little bit different for this fall.

“This year we’re definitely going to mix it up,”

Galaviz said. “It’s not going to be something you’d see us normally do or if the expectation is that we’re the ones who do wearable hair and wearable fashion…we’re definitely thinking outside the box.”

That’s the ‘big’ part I mentioned about the salon. They’ve got big talent. We’re anxious to see the salon of seven hairstylists on stage but until then let’s talk behind the chair.

The salon only offers hair services. Juno salon’s creative team is experienced on and off stage and offers a variety of hair services to a diverse clientele. The creative space is packed with proficient and personable stylists.

“We are like the really casual laid back neighborhood salon…like neighborhood boutique,” Galaviz said. “Just that. Even when you hear the word boutique and you hear the word neighborhood…what ever you vision that being—cozy and comfortable—that’s exactly what we are.”

Juno Salon is located at 118 E. 8th Ave. and can be reached at 720.542.8892

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