"Vogue" - Nik Ridley

“Vogue” – Nik Ridley


Nik Ridley is one artist who has creatively morphed his artistic expression into the visual arts and design. His passion and desire to be an artist is something that can be felt through to the soul of his art.


“I don’t have a choice in the matter, art found me,” smiles Nik. “I am a purist. I create art because I love to. I love the process. I study the disciplines and genres. I truly appreciate the Masters and the timeless, and more importantly, I make art out of Love for any and everything.”





Nik studied at Purdue University and was a member of the performing arts ensemble in theater and the spoken word.

His current medium includes the utilization of canvas with acrylic, charcoal, porcelain pen, the computer for graphic design and also incorporating photography.


"Totem" - Nik Ridley

“Totem” – Nik Ridley


“Innovation is born of rice and beans… working with what one has, which is never enough… a healthy blindness… a willingness to discard “safety” for inspiration and the boldness to BE oneself…It is guts… not being married to “knowing” everything, all the time. Innovation is the domain of the courageous.”  A Nik Ridley quote.


“The most difficult challenge in this industry is in matching one’s skill-sets and expertise with the wants and desires of the client,” states Nik. “Whether it be an agency or a personal patron, finding, identifying and delivering a dynamic product is tricky. Additionally, I think that being compensated for the amount of time, skill and expertise is always a challenge. It appears as if most people believe that art should be free, or at the very least, very inexpensive, like we artists are some novelty or “boutique” item.”



As a writer, art enthusiast and collector of the arts, I am always looking for interesting events or artists to share with my readers.  I came across Nik Ridley in the search for my “Out & About 4th of July Weekend” Friday Experience. His show “American Renaissance” is his tribute “to the idea that America is undergoing a fundamental shift, as in past renaissance periods (Europe, Italy, etc). It is my attempt to showcase the “new beauty or “new mindset” from a cultural/artistic perspective,” smiles Nik.


"Silver Linings" - Nik Ridley

“Silver Linings” – Nik Ridley


The keys to Nik Ridley’s success have come from his mother and father, his relationship with the World/Universe and his quest for the quintessential Love.


The artists that have struck an “awe” chord with him have been, Jean Michael Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Roman Bearden, Miles Davis and all the Italian Renaissance Artists.





Join me this Friday, September 6th at the Gypsy House Cafe, 1279 Marion Street, Denver, CO 80218, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. for Nik Ridley’s latest works of art.  Be a collector.


To learn more about Nik Ridley visit www.nikridley.com and http://nikridleyblog.wordpress.com/bio/

"Mari" - Nik Ridley

“Mari” – Nik Ridley


Be a Collector.