Soundcloud Gems: “Fugitive Air” by of Montreal

fugitive airThis song is classic of Montreal: mellow, poppy and almost-Beatlesy. It’s a lot of fun. Like most of their tracks it feels like a journey through candy land on a beautiful summer’s day. It would be hard to maintain a negative ‘tude while this song is playing.

The track is from the forthcoming album, Lousy with Sylvianbriar, out October 8 on CD, LP, cassette and digital. Yes, on cassette. These cats were hip before hipsters made it hip to be hip before things become hip.

of Montreal has gone through many phases over the years and probably most well-known for their insanely funky and slightly electronic craziness, complete with mad lyrics that will make you truly believe you’ve stumbled into a ketamine wonderland. In college I was asked to describe them in one sentence. This is that sentence: of Montreal is like a high school summer night, smoking a cigarette in the back of the car combined with eating an overly fruity and sugar-filled cereal.

While this song is not quite as colorful as some of their past work and it definitely has a lot let electronic work and crazily-bouncy basslines, it’s every bit as much fun and warm feeling. Seriously, can’t you feel the love?

And just a quick word about their live show: if you haven’t caught on to how trippy these silly-fuckers are, you’ll be blown away by their stage antics and the hilariously jolly crowds they attract. Look for of Montreal 11/3 at the Marquis in Denver and a possible 303 ticket-giveaway. I’m already camped out for tickets, because I’m hip like that.

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