All photos from the first Pool Party by Brent Andeck. Click through the photo to view the gallery.

Everyone can be a heart breaker if they know the right line. Judging by the amount of babes at the last Pool Party, we are in for some serious flirtation this Sunday. Are you ready to make a splash at The Breakers Resort? Start here with a pick-up line pep talk to boost your confidence. Don’t miss out on the action happening August 25th at The Breakers Resort.

DO: End the summer of 2013 with a bang.

It’s hotter than ever in Denver, but summer is winding down. Students are going back to school and it means back to work. Even more reason to take advantage of the pool and meet some beautiful strangers. Because it’s never too late to find that summer fling.

Boy is your name homework? Because I’m not doing you. And I should be.

DON’T: Bear it all.

The 303 Pool Party is a sexy scene. But to quote Jason Segel’s character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, “This isn’t Europe, we have rules here.” There is a huge difference between a sexy swimsuit and floss. I actually get hit on more when I leave a little to the imagination. So avoid the string lingerie and rock that swimsuit most flattering for your bod. It’s the never ending balancing act between sexy and sophisticated that we love.

Can we stop calling them “nip-slips” and start calling them “nipple-slipples”?

DO: Let loose.

It’s a glorious day. Try not to hold yourself back from experiencing everything the party has to offer. Get up and dance. Race a Bacardi blow-up bottle across the pool. Get wet. Life is too short to stress about how you appear to the world. Guys and girls are both seriously attracted to confidence and positive energy. And if you read 303 Magazine’s fashion advice, no need to worry, you look damn fine.

Why do people constantly take pictures of themselves?

Low selfie-steem.

DON’T: Get touchy-feely too fast.

When meeting someone new, guys have a tendency to be a little touchy. Girls can definitely tell the difference between a nice-to-meet-you hug and an I’m trying-to-smoosh-your-boobs-against-my-chest hug. It’s an easy fix. You just have to slow it down a little. A single girl is like baby deer in the woods; make any sudden movements and you might scare her off. Men who play hard to get and hold back on immediate physical intimacy are guaranteed to get more attention than those who touch too soon.

Love your swimsuit, is it felt? Would you like it to be?

DO: Roll up in style.

Limos to buses to petty-cabs to party-cabs, everyone needs a designated ride home (or to the after party). There is no greater turn off in the world than drinking irresponsibly. Plus, we have enough things to worry about, transportation shouldn’t be one of them. Don’t sweat it and go with one of our easy ride options! We offer a free limo party bus courtesy of Direct Limo Line leaving from Funky Buddha throughout the day, at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and returning at 3pm, 5pm, and 6:30pm. Sign up for a FREE ride to and from The Breakers. Who knows, you may even meet a cutie on the way.

Drink and drive? More like drink and DIVE into the pool with me.

Try out these sexy pick-up lines at the second fabulous 303 Magazine Pool Party going down THIS WEEKEND at The Breakers Resort from 11am-6pm.