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One of the Lovely Specialty Pieces
Photo Courtesy of Margo Siegel PR

Jewelry: a classic accompaniment for enduring moments; allowing those memories to be prolonged in a material decoration that can stay with us forever.

Engagements, graduations and simple “I love you” pendants are a constant reminder of the joy in our lives, but jewelry can also create a new joy and contribute to the greater good. Joy to the world! (And with jewelry? Yes, please.)

Philanthropy is Beautiful Foundation is an opportunity for fashionistas to convert shopping into charity. 100 percent of profits from the jewelry sales go to the charity of the purchaser’s choice. In essence, a symbolic bond to a marriage could also be a step toward ending world hunger.

This season, Joan Hornig Jewelry has become overwhelmingly accessible to the Mile High. For the first time, the general population has the opportunity to participate in this admirable cause with two price conscious lines.

“Brass” and “Hornig Collections” have introduced pieces starting at a $95 price point.Better yet, they can be purchased locally at Gracie’s Unique Apparel and Fine Gifts in Denver. Additionally, they can be found online and in select stores around the U.S.

Since its formation in 2003, the Foundation has donated to upwards of 800 initiatives worldwide. The jewelry is a favorite among celebrities like Jessica AlbaCameron Diaz and the Kardashians.

The beneficiaries range from humanitarian, education, medical research, the arts, animal rights and environmental protection. A few popular partnerships include:

  • Girl Scouts
  • Haiti Relief
  • Give Back Hollywood
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Philanthropist & Designer Joan Hornig
Photo Courtesy of Margo Siegel PR

Joan Hornig, the designer and creator, draws inspiration for her collections from world culture and art history. Her earrings, cuffs, necklaces and rings are etched from precious and semi-precious stones, 18-karat gold, and sterling silver canvases.

The pieces can be described as sophisticated with natural undertones — a fitting aesthetic to reflect the deep-rooted, profound meaning. Occasionally, specialty collections are designed for a particular project or cause.

“My idea,” Hornig said, “is to let people choose their own cause, so they feel more connected to the jewelry they wear and become more passionate about charity in their everyday lives.”

From the Fall/ Winter 2013 "Hornig Collection" Photo Courtesy of

From the Fall/ Winter 2013 “Hornig Collection”
Photo Courtesy of Margo Siegel PR