Men’s Style Manifesto: Effortless Ease

Effortless: it’s one of the words that I feel is a paradox. With how much we want things to look easy and carefree, these looks are the ones we put the most effort into. It’s safe to say we all are a part of this styling phenomenon. Rather than put more effort into our looks than necessary, here’s a few tips and suggestions to make your ensembles truly effortless.


  • Sometimes it’s not best to buy into a trend: if it’s not what you love, or if you have to think about it for too long; just don’t do it. There’s a fine line betweentimelyandtimeless,” so it’s best to find pieces you’ll love for more than just a season.


Burberry Prorsum, Source:
Burberry Prorsum
  • The clothes shouldn’t be wearing you, but rather you should be wearing the clothes. I’ve seen this happen far too often with men that are told to “get a wardrobe” or “try something new” but their friends or partner have their own vision as well. In this instance, there’s always a healthy medium that can be reached, this is just a simple matter of compromise (or seeing which reigns superior in the argument of style).


Marc Jacobs, Source:
Marc Jacobs
  • A prime example is when a man is clearly uncomfortable with the jeans he’s wearing because he bought the trendy fit as opposed to the fit he actually can function in. Denim comes in so many fits that you can be sartorially on point without having to experience discomfort. If you don’t want skinny jeans don’t buy them. There’s slim straight options or tapered cuts that work just as well to achieve a similar look. For example, instead of buying the Matchbox slimmer fit from Adriano Goldschmied, try a less slim but still tapered Graduate fit instead.


Diesel, Source:
  • Let the word “tailored” or “shaped” become part of your clothes vocabulary. This gives you so much more leverage with making your shirts shift effortlessly between casual and formal. With a fitted shirt, you can tuck in a shirt for a dressed look or keep it easy and laid back untucked. You can make the most of your closet and give it more versatility. Brands like Rag & Bone, Billy Reid, John Varvatos give you the comfort you love with the added benefit of a tailored fit.


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