J Mendel.  (Courtesy of Jody Cameron)

J Mendel.
(Courtesy of Jody Cameron)

Keep summer alive with fresh florals, all while cultivating your wardrobe for this fall. Decorated in flirty flowers, runways across the world showed off this hot trend for the fall 2013/2014 season.

With summer days still ahead, florals are the perfect way to gracefully transition seasons. Long associated with femininity, flowers are delicate and colorful. But for the modern woman, haute couture has proven that they can be far more. By taking something so classically feminine and adding a modern twist of sexiness and edginess, florals are a fun way to add voice to your wardrobe.

While designers like J Mendel, Oscar de la Renta and Giambattista Valli displayed this botanic trend via gowns and other haute couture goodies, this herbaceous movement is perfect for prêt-à-porter pieces as well. To incorporate this trend into your wardrobe before the leaves begin to turn, follow these 5 Efflorescent Rules:

Giambattista Valli.  (Courtesy of Robe Pour Vous)

Giambattista Valli.
(Courtesy of Robe Pour Vous)

  1. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee—choose pieces that capture the femininity of the pattern and capture a modern edginess. The goal of this look is create a stunning equilibrium between chic and provocative.
  2. Mix annuals with semi-annualsany good gardener knows the difference between flowers that will last for a season versus a year. So when adding to your wardrobe, don’t limit yourself. Select pieces that will bridge seasons so that you’re never without a floral touch.
  3. Don’t overwater the flowersavoid too much of a good thing. Don’t kill your style by overcommitting to any one trend.
  4. Plant complimentary colorsadd florals of varying colors to your wardrobe, but add ones that are complimentary to each other and to your complexion. Also consider ones that you don’t mind looking at for a few seasons.
  5. No garden is the samemost importantly, don’t forsake your own style and your sense of self-expression through fashion for any one trend. Add your edge and your vibe to this dendritic look.

So whether you’re rocker chic, haute hippie or classically clad, keep summer alive and fall close-at-hand by cultivating this floral trend. Visit “Fresh Florals” on Pinterest for more botanic looks!