A friend of mine recently commented that it was a “known fact” that men age better than women, thus, their “capital” on the dating meat market declines with additional birthday candles. And while men do have advantages as far as thicker skin and naturally less body fat, it seems that there are just as many Mickey Rourkes as Richard Geres. There are countless examples of Hollywood women dating younger men because of their persistent good looks (for instance, Shakira at age 36, has partnered with a Spanish footballer who is 10-years younger).

160890957Here are 5 Reasons Why Women Actually Age Better than Men:

1.) Healthier Diets-Many men enjoy diets of red meat, beer and artery clogging fried foods. The recently departed James Gandolfini’s last meal reportedly included fried prawns, four shots of rum, two pina coladas, two beers and foie gras. How many men order a salad with dressing on the side? And do you know any men who add rice cakes and cottage cheese to their shopping lists?

2.) Strong Social Networks-While having a few laughs with friends won’t necessarily ward off age spots and wrinkles, women’s stronger social networks keep their hearts healthier and depression (and the resulting addictions and ‘hard lifestyle’ looks) under control.

3.) Upkeep-Demi Moore, 50,  hardly ever leaves home without a yoga mat. 43-year-old Gwen Stefani still wears cropped tops when she’s not getting her platinum looks dyed or going into her favorite detox spa. Nicole Kidman wears enough SPF to be considered an unconfirmed albino.

4.) Products-Women are far more interested in beauty care, vitamins and other health and wellness treatments than their male counterparts. They slather on vitamin c creams, retinols and pursue botox and fillers. In addition, they often head to spas and laser centers.147542650

5.) Hair’s the Proof-Poor Jude Law has lost nearly all of his mane man status. Before ‘hunky heartthrob with hair‘ to ‘balding B-list actor.’ Even Prince William has suffered hyper-aging as a result of his thinning hair. Before: Prince of Follicles and After: Prince of Shiny Scalps. While women also occasionally need a round of Rogaine, their hair loss is typically less pronounced than with men and they can also add extensions, wigs and hair accessories to distract from any limp or lacking locks.