Outdoorsy fun and an appreciation for nature radiate from colorful Colorado and Patagonia’s outdoor and sports gear are popular accompaniments for an active Mile High lifestyle.

Patagonia Denver, CO Photo Courtesy of SS PR

Denver, CO
Photo Courtesy of SS Public Relations

But there’s more to Patagonia than looking good while you fly fish Grand Lake, climb Mt. Evans or shred Breck. Aside from quality clothing, the company is socially responsible; participating in environmental activism and regular for charitable donations. 

How can we shop practical, quality clothing while minimizing our environmental impact (and wallets)?

As a part of Patagonia’s Common Threads program, the Worn Wear used clothing program allows people to exchange clothes for store credit/trade in (50 percent of sale price).

The Denver store is one of eight stores participating in the program that is bringing “reuse” into the Common Threads partnership with the consumer to “reduce, repair, reuse, recycle” — an ideology that would highly beneficial in regard to society’s overall consumption. So, go Patagonia!

“Energy is used to produce and even purchase clothing, that energy is already there — so the recycling and reusing adds a new life”- Stephen Billings Patagonia Denver, CO Store Manager 


Photo Courtesy of SS Public Relations

Photo Courtesy of SS Public Relations

The Denver location has since started collecting clothing for their Worn Wear rack, which will launch this September. The program provides a cost effective alternative for shoppers and optimally efficient in terms of resource usage. Instead of being thrown in a landfill, the clothing can continue to be worn on countless feats.

“If a piece of clothing could talk, this vest could regale a listener with myriad tales of adventure,” Greg Speer of Fort Collins, shared on the Worn Wear website. “It has been on my back from one end of the country to the other, from steelheading in Alaska to fly fishing on the Gulf Coast on brisk winter days.”

Fall and winter are right around the corner and a cozy addition to the wardrobe is a MUST.  But, it is also the time to make room for these said additions.

Bring in gently used, clean Patagonia apparel to 1431 15th St. Denver, CO 80202.  They are looking for the following:

  • Shells
  • Fleece
  • Down
  • Synthetic Insulation
  • Ski and Alpine Pants