MM-3What: Modern Mixology Class

Where: Stir to Learn, 3215 Zuni Street Denver, CO 80211

When: Saturday, June 29th 6:00pm

Price: $85 -It was just lowered!

What does chemistry, cocktails, and ski goggles have in common? A Modern Mixology class taught by Chef Ian Kleinman.

Chef Ian Kleinman is a molecular gastronomy guru.  He uses cutting-edge ingredients like liquid nitrogen to change classic drinks into marvelously fun creations.

Can you imagine sipping on a nitrogen-frozen margarita with jalapeno bubbles, port wine space foam, a coconut rum nitro martini rimmed with ginger sugar? Chef Kleinman will have all of these drinks for you (and more!)  to try, and you will finish the evening with dessert, because drinking begets eating delicious desserts.  At the end of the night you get to take home a recipe book filled with the drinks that you created in class, so you can play food scientist at home.

Volunteers will get to join Chef Ian in the creation of the cocktails. This will be a hands-on laboratory of libations where you will be experimenting like real scientists, hence the ski goggles that you are supposed to bring with you.  So be prepared to learn new techniques and enjoy drinking them.MM-2

About the Chef:  Colorado Native Ian Kleinman has made a name for himself in the Denver dining scene for playfully combining his culinary skills with modern and molecular techniques that include using sous-vide cooking, liquid nitrogen, and a number of ingredients that create foams, gels, and caviar-like textures. You can watch him turn everyday food into something special and unforgettable at The Inventing Room in Denver.

If this sounds like your cup of tea well you’re in luck. Tentiko is giving away tickets just for 303 readers for a chance to try out the modern mixology class for free! To enter to win GO HERE