…or as some would say: let bygones be bygones. We are in a powerful, wonderful and magical time of creating the future now. The choices we make, the life and details we ask for, the next chapter we visualize will be for years to come – and after so many years of challenge and change it is now a very clear and clean process that asks simply: what do you want now?

Well, we want our dreams. We want our visions. We want life to be our ideal…don’t we?

Yes, definitely, sort of… The problem is that to have all of that – to really have all of that – we must do several things.

First, we must let go of the past lock, stock and barrel. Every bit of it. I do not mean to forget it, but not to regret it, not to hold on to past victories and pleasure, or pains, not to keep defining ourselves in terms of it, in terms of what we did, achieved, succeeded at or failed in.

We must let go of out past identityNew! Of who and how we were, saw ourselves, presented ourselves… our personal “story” and drama. Our movie script that we lived so well for so long.

So second, to have and create our now new dream, to have a new movie, we must change the reel, or the theatre. We must be willing and able to set out on a new adventure of discovering this new version of our life and how it will play out. Letting go of the past includes letting go of old certainty that came from endless repeats and reruns.

We have to step into trust and surrender. I am saying you definitely can have your new dream but you don’t know, for sure, for absolutely sure, until you take the risk of finding out, and in doing so you must do what the Buddhists invite: To fill the cup, first you must empty it. You must let go of what you have to be able to hold what is waiting.

monkey-trap-21In Asia, people trap monkeys by putting food inside an empty coconut shell on a string. The monkey reaches in, grasps the food, and then cannot get its closed fist out. It refuses to release the food and so traps itself. In order to free itself it must let go of good food.

Our version now is that we must let go of the good to have the better, and let go of the better to have the best. If you are game to play The Game at that level, you will get the rewards!

So write down, in detail, what you want now for your life, in your life… and write it as if you already have it, as if it is your new movie, your new reality.

  •   Gregory Charles


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MeAustralian Gregory Charles is an astrologer, a personal growth and spiritual leader and alternative healer who has appeared in the national media in many countries (MTV, Good Morning America, BBC). His astrology clients have included Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and Carmen Electra. He has delivered sex and relationship seminars to tens of thousands of people around the world and lectured at UCLA and the LSE.