This week, we are challenged in a rather hard way. The Universe is posing the question: are you willing to go through unpleasant, even painful feelings in order to get more value…more of your inner gold?

It is a core, important question and this week, you have to answer it and be accountable for the consequences of your answer.

more_about_Hamlets_BlackBerryThe simple reason is, if you are only willing to collect the easy gold nuggets that lie beside your path as you walk it, you will be condemned to random value coming to you in ways that are unconscious and do not engage your depths.

That amounts to living a superficial life based on “good and bad luck” (i.e. random events happening to you).

However, accepting the challenge of also being willing to confront yourself and painful or scary feelings in order to get more value means you are more fully engaged in and consciously participating in your own life.

That, in turn, means you will have new experiences of you. You will do new things and try new things.

You will deepen your self-awareness and grow your own personal, real knowledge and wisdom of yourself and your life instead of settling for the society-provided, cookie-cutter explanations for life (which, by the way, are pretty much all passe´ now).

That also means you get to grow your capacity to live your authentic life and to base your life choices on your deepening truth. That means true freedom, true liberation from the mass mind as you individuate into your unique, special Self.

The goodies just keep increasing from there: more quality of life, more joy, more real connection… more, more, more. Not more “stuff”, which is what society tells you to settle for (and you can have that, too, as a conscious value choice), but more of You. More real choices. More meaning and value, love and laughter. More humanity.

And all you have to do to take that journey in life is to say “Yes” to the question: Are you willing to get out of comfort, to feel your fears and pains so as to master them and expand past them?

I dare you to do so. Many have. I have lived that choice for decades now and stand here to imagestell you that, in some ways, the price is higher than living a normal, dull, oblivious life of habits and whims, playing it safe, staying small and risking nothing. Yes, the more I risk the higher the price I pay (risks I take) to get so many more rewards in life.

See, miracles are just unreasonable results, and making the “Yes” choice is un-reason-able. Not ruled by Reason or reasons, but chosen from the compulsion of the heart to have more life and the spirit to have more love. Following the compulsion of the heart and spirit moves us into unreasonable living, in which miracles are normal, where the magic of life manifests as the new norm. Is any price worth that? I say yes with no doubt, hesitation or reserve.

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WEB photo ME -> RAustralian Gregory Charles is an astrologer, a personal growth and spiritual leader and alternative healer who has appeared in the national media in many countries (MTV, Good Morning America, BBC). His astrology clients have included Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and Carmen Electra. He has delivered sex and relationship seminars to tens of thousands of people around the world and lectured at UCLA and the LSE.