Colorado is on fire.

Not because we are helping pave the way for equal rights, not because we have been a pioneer in the legalization of your mistress Mary- No, that article is titled “Colorado is on Fiyah!” which has yet to be written.

Colorado is literally burning.  With every gust of wind, with every passing second, more and more of our beautiful state is being reduced to smoldering rubble.  It’s a helpless feeling, and chances are you are not a firefighter so as much as you want to smother those flames and save someone’s home, you simply cant. A rain dance might work, but chances are you’re not well versed in the Native American ritual to summon a soggy scene. I’m willing to bet, however, you’re good at looking good.


While you may not be able to help stop the fires, you can certainly do your part to help those who have been afflicted by the blaze. This is where your ability to look good comes in. Geniuz Ink clothing has created their own Rain Dance (no really, that’s what the line of t-shirts is called) to help stop the fires and give care to those who’ve lost everything.

For every Rain Dance t-shirt sold, Geniuz Ink will donate $7 to the American Red Cross and those affected by the Colorado wildfires. Don’t to forget to complete your outfit and your donation with a State of Mind snapback– which gives $10 for each one sold. (Get ’em quick, only 37 left!)

Julian Donaldson, owner of Geniuz Ink, says it’s his goal to raise $20,000  for the relief efforts of these destructive fires by mid July.

“I just want to give back to a community that has already given me so much, as a CO native it is awful to see these communities and my own friends struggle to make it through this.” 

Join the effort to fight these fires and look good while doing it. Let’s all do our part–Pick up your Rain Dance Tee and State of Mind Snapback HERE