The Original 'McCarthy'

The Original ‘McCarthy’

WM Design House is a rising star in the world of handbags. A career path that ranged from dental hygienist, to interior designer, to stay at home mom, designer and owner Wendy McMonigle found her niche and calling in handbag design. WM Design House uses lush leathers and creates luxury products, but all of their bags are designed to be functional and practical for women who are on-the-go.

McMonigle’s design process is cardinal in the creation of each new line. Through selected trend resources, McMonigle collects information on emerging trends for each season. She then collects the necessary materials she needs—from leathers and fabrics to hardware and tassels. She then plays with the design until it is perfect—never forsaking functionality.

WM solves the many needs of the accomplished woman. Our brand features a collection of multi functional handbags made of luxurious leathers, wools and hand crafted Italian hardware that are not only  fashionable, but functional.

As a mother of four, McMonigle aptly speaks to the busy lives of women like herself. As she embarked upon her career in handbag design, she wanted to create something that was stylish and practical for the modern woman. ‘McCarthy,’ her original bag, is described as a ‘dual purpose bag’ because it can be used as either a hand held leather bag or as a tote with a shoulder strap. Priced at a reasonable $329 and made of 100% leather with a linen top and a cotton polyester lining, this bag is as elegant as any other luxury purse, but more functional.



Merely two weeks before her daughter’s wedding, continuing to run her business and speaking calmly and sweetly with me on the phone, it is clear that McMonigle has a special gift other than her eye for design. She truly knows how to multitask, just like her handbags. McMonigle explains that her desire in life is to be able to “give back.” One of her sons suffers from a connective tissue disease called Marfan Syndrome. She has made it her goal—every week—to educate people about this medical condition and regularly sponsors and promotes fundraisers for those suffering from this syndrome. Unlike many people, her desire for success is driven from a passion to provide for her family and to better the world.

McMonigle is also fortunate to have a special relationship with her in-house business professional. The man who leads all of her marketing, business and financial needs happens to be her loving husband, David. While Mrs. McMonigle has the eye for trends and creation, it is Mr. McMonigle who has the eye for logistics. Sourcing all of their own materials, Wendy travels to China to handpick her products and to ensure that her source maintains a safe and healthy environment for its employees. And don’t be too hasty to discount this young company, her source also happens to be the same place where Vera Wang and Versace materials originate. David on the other hand is the one who ensures that importing goes well, that finances stay in order, and develops all of WM Design House’s marketing strategies—like the new Instagram profile.

Wendy McMonigle

Wendy McMonigle

As WM Design House grows and gains incredible traction in the industry, Wendy and David express no desire to slow down. Developing prototypes for accessories and cosmetic bags, this duo is sure to see more success. Yet in spite of her success, Wendy kindly closes our conversation by saying,

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the people who gave me their time.”

Truly a motherly sole, this entrepreneur has maintained an unshaking foundation of vision and kindness. WM Design House is only at the beginning of a bright future.