Grenades of refreshments, the sweetened beverage, it tantalizes the taste buds, and sets off the feel good chemicals in the brain. Camouflaged by its small outer shell one would not suspect the explosion of sugary havoc exposed to the body.

*Weight Gain *Triggering of Diabetes *Advancement of Skin Aging

It is not sticky to construe why sweet drinks can lead to adverse effects. These beverages lack the substance to promote “feeling full”, ergo one consumes superfluous “mind-less” sugary calories.

What constitutes sugared soft drinks? *

Soda *Energy Drinks *Lattes *Slushies

It is about Mind-Full consumption, not Mind-Less consumption.

Be “mind-full,” beverages associated with health benefits can also be loaded with sugar.

This Includes:

*Fruit Juices (Apple, Orange, Grape, Lemonade etc…) *Smoothies *Protein drinks

When water becomes a tad blasé on the pallet…162284958


*Sparkling Water *Infused Water (i.e. fresh fruits/herbs saturated in water) *Find sugar free alternatives at your local health market.

Always remember moderation…

Loose the Sugar and Lose Some Weight.