From across the room, your eyes are fooled into believing that you are gazing upon a colorful photograph, yet upon closer examination, there is softness, a blending of color from sky to prairie so realistic, it is art that only a true artisan can create. Jennifer Gudgel Getson is one such artist that takes her pastel artistry to a whole new level.

Soft Pastel - Jennifer Gudgel Getson

Soft Pastel – Jennifer Gudgel Getson

Jennifer started her path to the arts by receiving a degree in photography.

“I did photography for years until my son was three. Then a friend gave me some watercolor paint and I realized it was easier to stay home with a toddler and paint, and I liked it better.” Jennifer’s current mediums include soft pastel, oil, collage, photography and printing.


"Rain Over Mt. Meeker" - Soft Pastel - Jennifer Gudgel Getson

“Rain Over Mt. Meeker” – Soft Pastel – Jennifer Gudgel Getson

Inspiration and rewards can come from any and all directions.

“Creative endeavors have always brought me peace. Knowing I have spent time doing something I love to do, and having done something the best I can.” Smiles Jennifer “Creativity sparks life, it keeps me going.”


I met Jennifer many years ago and was drawn into her life-like scenes. Impressed by the seemingly simplicity of the landscape, yet understanding the depth and lengths she must go to create such realism in her art.

“I do the best that I can. Never be your own critic, others will be happy to do that for you,” Laughs Jennifer and continues, “When you feel bogged down, go take a look at other art, inspiration is everywhere. Art is a unique take on the persona and life of the artist. You can never do a bad job of it.”


When asked if there are any living or deceased artists that have struck an “awe” chord with her, Jennifer smiled looked to the right and said “I have always admired Georgia O’Keefe. She had the determination to be an artist, regardless of personal relationships and stereotypes of the time. She created art like no one else, and marched to the beat of her own drum. I would like to do that, I just lack the bravery,” Laughs Jennifer, “I was also influenced by Ansel Adams for the landscapes he photographed. He is who I want to emulate as a photographer and painter and steward of the earth.”


"East of Far" - Soft Pastel - Jennifer Gudgel Getson

“East of Far” – Soft Pastel – Jennifer Gudgel Getson


In closing, Jennifer focused back to her inspiration. “I guess I find inspiration in others’ art, in life, in nature and in love. It’s not all those together, nor is it all those individually. It’s more like a way to look and feel these things jumbled in our modern, crazy life. The emotions end up expressing themselves in creativity in your art.” Smiles Jennifer “Inspiration can be anywhere there is a passion.”


Jennifer Gudgel Getson has a Closing Reception at Highland Park Apartments this Saturday, May 11th, 5pm-7pm, 2424 W. Caithness Place, Denver, Colorado, 80211, 303-861-2424.  Show runs through June 7th.


"Glorious" - Soft Pastel - Jennifer Gudgel Getson

“Glorious” – Soft Pastel – Jennifer Gudgel Getson



Jennifer Gudgel Getson is a regular artist at Lapis Gallery, in Denver, Colorado and is a showcased artist on


Remember, “art can’t hurt you,” but it can open your eyes and mind. Be a collector.






Wendy L. Pitton R. is a culture writer for 303 Magazine and the owner of WENDO Productions.  WENDO Productions is an artistic production and artist representative company.