This week we have more balance between our bodies and our intellects, and so we are better able to appraise and digest the lessons we have been gathering of the material world, including our bodies.

brain_gears_redOur mind – intellect – is a wonderful tool for evaluating what is happening, for assessing inputs and results, for finding glitches in our own inner programming, and best of all, for changing those programs to get better results.

What can be mind-boggling at first is the simple idea that we create our reality: that whatever our internal programs are, that is exactly how we perceive the world and reality itself. Especially since one of those core programs, taught to us at a very early age, has been that there is a separate objective reality “out there”. This precludes the fact that everything we experience is experienced and processed “in here” inside of our brains, our bodies and our other senses.

So we are taught that seeing is believing when, in fact, the greater truth is that believing is seeing.

A man in England many years ago tested this by standing on the street with a big basket of cash and a sign saying “Free Money. Help Yourself.” All day, not one person took any, until the kids came out of school and emptied the basket in minutes. The adults ‘knew’ there was no such thing as free money, not without some catch. The kids knew no such thing. What was in their heads was different. It is all in your head.

Exactly the same applies in your sex and relationships. You will attract the people who fit your inner programming (mostly laid down in childhood), so if you think men are bastards, then the bastard men will turn up to prove you right, because we always prove our beliefs, no matter what they are. Thus, if you want to know what you really believe, then look at what you are creating and attracting. It’s that simple.

A favorite example of this I have seen over and again in America is the differing attitudes of soul-styleAmerican and Australian women to giving oral, and of American and Australian men to receiving it. Here, women – as a cultural belief expressed on TV shows, by comedians etc. – resent the hell out of it and resent men wanting it, so oral is given as a special gift on special days of the year, and then grudgingly. As a cultural belief and experience in Australia, women enjoy it (giving and receiving it) as one of the many pleasurable activities in sex play that can be expressed in so many ways to add pleasure to all involved, and it is as usual a part of sex play as getting naked.

Point being, if you do not like your current experience in or out of bed, change your beliefs about it; after all, it’s all in the head.

I’ll be heading out for some pleasure now.  

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