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Live Basil, growing right out of the line.

You may think you’ve already seen pizza done in every possible way, but at Live Basil Pizza, an old favorite is getting a modern make-over. Created by the team behind Smashburger and Tom’s Urban 24, Live Basil Pizza is all about bringing diners fresh, quality ingredients in a fast-casual setting. The bright, contemporary décor welcomes guests to step inside where you can watch your pizza as it’s sauced, topped, and hand-fired in Live Basil’s scorching hot hearth oven that cooks your pizza in a convenient 150 seconds.


And there are plenty of pizzas to choose from. From classics like the Live Basil Margherita made with a light and flavorful red sauce, fresh mozzarella, Italian cheese blend, sea salt, imported olive oil and, of course, the Fresh Live Basil that you can see growing right on the line. There’s plenty of more adventurous offering too. The Hot One, a pepperoni pizza kicked up with spicy giardiniera, fresh jalapenos, red pepper flakes and spicy oil, was a stand-out and delivered on its promise of a fiery kick. The Colorado with Bison Sausage + Green Chile, a white pizza that also comes topped with goat cheese, fresh cilantro, roasted red onions and roasted corn, was an unexpected treat filled with textures and flavors that I wish I would have eaten on a pizza a long time ago.

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The Colorado

Live Basil’s ingredients like the red sauce made with organic San Marzano tomatoes, the Italian cheese blend which includes Grana Padano cheeses, Semolina flour, produce that is locally sourced whenever possible, and that live basil give these pizzas an authentic flavor. All in all, Live Basil’s menu includes thirteen pizza choices as well as a Create Your Own option, leaving the pizza possibilities endless. You can choose from red, white, BBQ or pesto sauce, then pick your cheese, meats, and toppings and watch as your pizza is made fast and fresh in front of your eyes. There is also a Gluten-Free Crust option available for all pizzas.

One pizza and a salad would make a nice meal for even two very hungry people. Live Basil offers three salads including a Arugula, Lemon and Pistachios Salad that is refreshing and a perfect pair with any pizza. Live Basil also features Boylan Soda products, both fountain and bottled, as well as environmentally-friendly Boxed Water, Beer and Wine, and delicious Smoothies made with Haagen-Dazs sorbet and fresh fruits.

Located just off I-25 and Hampden, Live Basil Pizza is a great option for anyone in South Denver looking to grab quick bite in or take a hot fresh pizza home fast. All pizzas are 11” and range in price from $7-$9.