This week the revolution is upon us and you have the choice to leap into the new openings with gusto, or to learn that resistance really is futile, because it will take you one way or the other. fruitAs my old mate Hunter Thompson said: “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” It might be the theme for this whole year in many ways and right now it is peaking. See how it applies to your astrology sign by visiting my site, below. In the meantime the change will be easier if you see it as a healthy, natural normal expression of growth. Our “nice, normal” society teaches us to fear and resist change – especially big, sudden ones. The simple fact is that they are a recurrent fact of life, like trees suddenly blossoming overnight after many months without flowers.

We people too have our “seasons” of flowering and fruiting. We outgrow our identities and structures, just as a child outgrows their shoes as their feet grow. The shoes that were so comfy last week start to pinch and hurt this week, and we know to get bigger ones that will fit us and be comfy for our enlarged feet. The process of growth is exactly the same all through our lives. Right now we are throwing out the “shoes” that our life fitted into in order to get new bigger ones for the bigger person we are suddenly becoming, and the bigger life we will then start manifesting.

Roof jumpOnly those taught to fear change will fear this and it is an opportunity for all of us to see that that fear is crazy, just as it would be crazy for the apple tree to fear the sprouting of it’s own fruit! Can you imagine a neurotic apple tree at the therapist being told that the apples have to be removed and the tree sedated so it can relax again into a changeless stupor, which is how so many of us were taught to live.

Do not fall for it. Get out in your garden, or on your roof, and yell to the Universe “bring it on! bring on my life to be lived to the full while I am here!”

Do you dare? – Gregory Charles


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