Empty headSo when we look at the astrology for this week, and the amazing confluence of rare energies, first you have to erase from your mind the garbage you heard about in that ludicrous book “Men are From Mars”, written by some effete androgen twink who was stuck in 1950’s beliefs. Its basic premise was that men and women – identified by devaluing millennia of accumulated wisdom since the Romans named their Gods and Goddesses – are a completely different species.

In truth all men and all women have Venus and Mars energies as a part of their core make-up: Venus (or Yin-feminine energy) represents beauty, harmony, love, balance, affection, flow and surrender while Mars (Yang-masculine energy) represents energy, ambition, war, drive, lust, thrust and control. The mix, and degree, to which these operate in any given human varies greatly. Further, in some people they flow in alignment, in other people they clash, and in some they are suppressed, disconnected or neutral.

Whatever that energetic combination you may have, and however it plays out in your life, your creative expression, your sexual and sensual experiences… this week you will have a new and very different experience of them.

It is one of those incredibly rare times when Venus, Mars and the Sun (your core Being) travel closely together in the sky, giving you the experience of value, lust, love, creativity, beauty, drive, meaning and purpose all moving in merged alignment in the same direction.Flame torch

After all of the challenges, confusions, losses and madness of the past few years we will be given a clear directive, a meaningful direction, and a purpose worth throwing ourselves into fully. Our knowing of value and our access to the energy to make it happen work together, dance together, and take you on the journey – or least the start of it – to get you going in the right direction.

This week is a gift from the Gods and Goddesses to step up and out of our usual run-of-the-mill seeing of ourselves in our life to climb at least some way up Mount Olympus to see the big and bigger picture for the next phase of our lives. Take it. Say yes, whatever it is, wherever it leads you, however scary the changes needed may be. Be heroic and vote with your feet to take the path that has been waiting for you. You are ready.

You ARE ready. – Gregory Charles


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