Street Style at Sydney Fashion Week 2013

Floral Perfection
(Sydney Fashion Week 2013)

In recent weeks, Street Style has been alive with a well-crafted, contemporary, bohemian, chicness. From Sydney Fashion Week to Coachella, this trend has taken hold. And heading into warmer months (or in warmer months for the early autumn in Australia) why not wear some short-shorts or let your itty-bitty midriff show? Or bright colors and rad shades? This eclectic style, born from many past fashions, is fun, funky and totally trending.

This ‘Contemporary Bohemian Chicness’ is as eclectic as it sounds. It has hints of hippie, rocker, beatnik, as well as haute couture. The fabulous part—it is totally obtainable. Unlike other trends in which the ‘real’ and the ‘fake’ are completely obvious, this trend is born from a collection of styles-past so you probably already have many of these pieces in your closet.

Street Style at Sydney Fashion Week 2013

Bohemian meets Couture
(Sydney Fashion Week 2013)

The key to this look is balance. Throwing on an assortment of random articles of clothing does not constitute a trendy outfit, that constitutes laziness—and in my opinion, a lack of any real fashion sense. There are still major fashion trends and styles that can be picked up in this culmination. Whether it is a wild floral jacket with matching pants or a pair of short-shorts with an oversized shirt, there are elements of these outfits that need to be maintained to achieve the look. The floral jacket might have a tuxedo cut to add some modern flare. The short-shorts might be balanced by the large shirt and complimented with a pair of feminine stilettos.

Sometimes runway styles seem absurd and over the top. That’s why we buy the prêt-à-porter lines. But this particular style maintains a closer relationship to some of the outlandish designs we see on catwalks—but remember: whether walking a catwalk or walking the lawns of Coachella, the goal is fashion.


True Contemporary Bohemian Chicness
(Alessandra Ambrosio–Coachella)

A fabulous example of this style done right is Alessandra Ambrosio. This year at Coachella 2013, she rocked a number of killer outfits. But the best was her neon cut-offs, a cropped long-sleeve, totally rad aviators and a matching but funky scarf tied around her head. And don’t forget the boho bag and the assortment of bangles and bracelets. The outfit was perfectly balanced.


A Touch of Boho Flare
(Candice Lake at Sydney Fashion Week 2013)

The shorts were indeed short, but with their higher waist they didn’t look too short. The cropped shirt was balanced by the fact that it had long sleeves—not to mention it was white, which created the perfect equilibrium with the bright shorts. Adding the appearance of length to the cropped articles of clothing was the scarf around her head. In the same color family as her shorts, the scarf’s pattern didn’t become overwhelming—it all flowed. The point here is balance.

Australian-born photographer, blogger and model, Candice Lake, put a dressier spin on this Contemporary Bohemian Chicness for Sydney Fashion Week. Staying true to a classic look, Lake paired a pencil skirt with a blazer. Underneath the blazer, she sported a cropped bustier. The skirt had a high enough waist that only a few inches of Lake’s flat stomach showed—balance. Additionally, Lake’s cream and yellow skirt was the perfect accent of color to her all dark pairings on top. And to funk-ify the outfit a bit, the blazer had a classic shape with some fun structural variations. Lake balanced this bohemian, cropped-top, chicness with some very classic design elements, which created a perfect rendition of this style.


Sunglasses cap off this great look
(Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor at Coachella)

While this trending look leaves room for fairly free interpretations, there is one element that is consistent across the boards—sunglasses. That simple little accessory that can take a look from good to great is being donned by the who’s-who of this funky summer style. From Sydney Fashion Week to Coachella, this practical accessory is a must. Cat-eyes may be trending hard right now, but for the Contemporary Bohemian Chicness, go with whatever best compliments your outfit.

Whether twirling in front of the famed Coachella Ferris Wheel, strutting for the paparazzi at Sydney Fashion Week or posing for an Instagram shot with your friends, take pride in this style born from styles-past and do it justice!


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