LIVE CREATIVELY – Creative Living owners Will & Gita Hyde (and little Diesel, too) in the Santa Fe Arts District showroom

Pink flamingos, lawn gnomes, gazing balls, toilet flower pots (real classy)—this is what al fresco living used to mean: pure kitsch.

Thankfully, exterior décor has since evolved. Now your outdoor living space—whether a loft balcony or a suburban lawn—can be just as contemporary as your domicile, and Creative Living, a Denver-based “lifestyle gallery,” can help you do just that right in the knick of time for the summer entertaining season.

Creative Living (www.clden.com) is located in the Santa Fe Arts District (1101 Santa Fe Dr.). Lifelong artists and husband and wife duo, Will and Gita Hyde, offer classically hip exterior and interior décor for the client who desires to make his/her home and outdoor space as stylish and on trend as the clothes in his/her closet.

Metal artist and dual owner of Creative Living and Mile High Landscaping, Will Hyde, describes Creative Living as a place “where art and function meet.”

Between Will’s construction expertise and Gita’s trendsetting European flair (“sprinkling her fashion dust” everywhere, as Will says), the two complement one another.



BE CLASSICALLY HIP – Outfit your outdoor living space in as cool of digs as you do your interiors

“It’s not just fine art, it’s also functional art for everyday use.”

— Gita Hyde, Creative Living



FIND YOUR INNER ZEN – Add water features, inspiring sculptures and steel plate metal art

Celebrating its one-year anniversary this month since transforming a dilapidated 19th century auto body shop into a sleek, loft-like gallery space, Creative Living retails fashion-forward home and garden accessories and furniture:

    • Fire pits
    • Fountains
    • Casual furniture
    • Decorative accessories
    • Fine art benches
    • Steel plate wall art
    • Limited edition photography
    • Original sculptures

The one-of-a-kind merchandise Creative Living sells (or can custom order) for clients is a rarity in the region with some brands carried not being found among ten surrounding states. Creative Living also makes an effort to stock only local or U.S.-based artists with much of the work featured intended for the gallery.

“We are trying to be very different than anyone else around Denver,” Will said.

And that it is. Will and Gita are in essence a Jack and Jane of all trades.

Not only does Creative Living exist out of the Sante Fe Drive space, but so does Will’s other business, Mile High Landscaping, which is shoehorned in the back. With a landscaper and outdoor outfitter under one roof, the business is a one-stop shop for all of your open-air living needs.

And the buck does not stop there. When a commissioned metal artist for one of Will’s six-figure landscaping jobs did not have their work complete on deadline, Will took up welding to finish the project himself and has since added the skill to his repertoire.


SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS – Whether indoor limited edition photography by local photographers or hand-welded metal art for the outdoors, support local business

Originally from Lithuania, Gita brings her own skills to the table (an upcycled table in Creative Living’s case). With visual merchandising, branding and art as her forte, Gita also is a social media maven and keeps up with the latest home trends ensuring clients purchase the latest in the season’s colors and styles.

Whether you have creativity or a lack there of, Will and Gita of Creative Living will aid you in your vision and beyond from everything from furnishing an urban loft, a bungalow patio or a traditional family home yard.

Creative Living is currently having an anniversary sale not to be missed going on until April 30. Their showroom hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. or stop by during First Friday’s. Visit them at www.clden.com or call 720.222.9509.