The energies of this week are wild, alive, hot, sexual, loving and needing to break out and explore. Last week I wrote a blog, “Get Kinky,” and that continues this week. As well it involves our heart, love and value and the opportunity to bring them all together into the one space, at one time, instead of splitting the different aspects of ourselves off and compartmentalizing them.

Eye contactCan you imagine being in a relationship where you are supported totally in being all of who you are, exploring new aspects of yourself, pushing your own boundaries to include new experiences, where your partner(s) revel in you discovering new areas of pleasure and creativity? And, where you support your partner(s) in all of that as well… so that you have an alive, growing, changing, expanding, enriching relationship together instead of a staid, stuck, boring, rule-driven, pissed-off unfulfilling one that we see so often around us.

The first kind is indeed still rare, though more and more people are finding that it is possible: that we can have deep loving relationship without limiting the other person but, instead, loving discovering how they discover and grow themselves so that they are an ongoing marvel to explore and enjoy.

Before you throw your arms in the air and call me a dreamer (which I am), relationships of this level and quality already exist and if you have one, I applaud your courage and adventurousness. If you do not I invite you to open to the possibility of you having more than you do today, because you can.

The energies this week are actually demanding it of all of us: that we at least take some small92005462 steps toward more authenticity by breaking out of old patterns and constraints. This week that is targeted very specifically at opening to more love and loving, and also to more sexual expression, exploration and adventure.

Thankfully I do see cracks appearing in the nightmare of Puritanism that poisons and paralyzes the pursuit of happiness (and pleasure) that is promised to us all in this country. Even mainstream TV shows like Rules of Engagement are daring to explore issues of partnership, kinkiness, sexuality, social patterns and are doing so in ways that mostly show how ludicrous and really sad the old rules were, and how much more is possible when we drop the meaningless judgements and self-righteousness and encourage everyone to find their own joy, whatever it may be.

Now, it is your turn. Rule #1: have fun with it all.




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