This is a great time to be creating more and deeper intimacy, and the key to doing that is in the word itself: into-me-see. The more we let others see who we really are, the more intimacy we generate with them and thus, the more closeness, sharing and togetherness.

Eye contactThe astrology for this week is very much about being open and emotionally available with ourselves and others when we feel our inner flow of feelings and energies, wants, desires, hopes and dreams and also see and feel when we hold onto false dreams, illusions and self-deceptions.

Being open and honest first with ourselves and then with those we love helps us to sort through what is real and meaningful and worth keeping, and what has passed its use-by date, to be released and sometimes relinquished, because we do not always want to let go of well-worn bad habits!

A wonderful intimacy process I teach is to sit with your partner, or friend, face each other and hold hands. Then just maintain eye contact together. Not staring, just looking. Remember that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and just looking into each other’s eyes for a few minutes can engender a truly beautiful connection between you.

Starting each day with that process will put a whole new energy into your relationship, and you will both feel more flowing and smooth with each other.

Follow that up with taking turns sharing your fears, hopes, desires, life stories and experiences – all to grow your mutual ability to see each other.

All too often, we do not do these simple things and, in fact, avoid eye contact – soul connection – and interact with each other as objects and not the people we all are.200426312-001

To all of the above, add one more small process: each day, acknowledge your friends, partner and others you come into regular contact with for one thing you like about them, or value about them, or learn from them. This, too, builds intimacy as it lets them see more of you by showing them you see more of them.

Doing these simple processes every day, and making them a normal part of your routine, builds great bonds between you and others that are the basis of all good relationships.

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