Patterned flares with a neutral blazer--great for a cool spring evening.

Patterned flares with a neutral blazer—great for a cool spring evening.

Skinny jeans have been a fashion focal point for a number of seasons now. And with a number of recognizable retro styles making reappearances—from geometric prints, to cat-eye glasses—flares have also carved out their niche for coming seasons. Not boot-cuts, or a slight bell, but a true flare.

The trick with flares is to make sure that they are cut well. The most flattering flared pant has a fitted leg and then widens from the knee down. The narrowest part of the pant should be the knee and the widest should be the cuff. The flare should be wide enough to cover your shoe—but don’t worry, when they’re cut well and are made of a nice fabric, your shoes will still get plenty of showmanship.

Flares, particularly when paired with tall heals or wedges, have an uncanny ability to make your legs appear longer and thinner. For women with narrow hips, flared pants add a nice bit of curve to an outfit. And for women with hips, flares do a wonderful job of balancing an outfit. They draw attention to the narrowest part of your legs as well as your waist.

Simple, casual and adorable way to wear flares.

Simple, casual and adorable way to wear flares.

Besides the obvious—that flares are wildly flattering and stylish—they’re a fun way to vary your everyday wardrobe. Whether you represent the rock n’ roll queens, the chic ladies, or the hippie sisters of the world, flares can be worked into your look.

Flared pants do not need to be limited by your overall sense of style, nor do they need to be limited by color or fabric. Denim, silk, linen, or neutral, bright, and patterned are all viable options. Wear this trend with your own flare.

Flares have been around for quite some time. They come and go as a trend, but they have never truly gone out of style since they first hit the scene. And as very wise woman once said,

“Fashion changes, but style endures.” –Coco Chanel

Pair flares wit a moto-jacket and a t-shirt for easy style.

Pair flares wit a moto-jacket and a t-shirt for easy style.

When worn properly, flares are a part of enduring style. Dress them up or dress them down, good style is good style. By adding tops that accent the shape of the pant, the look is best achieved. Whether you pair the pants with a long top or a short one, make sure that the top shows off your waist in some capacity (note: this is not an excuse to wear your “little sister’s” shirt—that will never be stylish.) Because your shoulders and the flares represent the widest parts of your outfit, your waist balances the look as the narrower point in between, which compliments your figure.

So if flares are a part of eternal style, they flatter your body and they are a fun way to change up your usual look, why wouldn’t you want to wear them? If you don’t already have a pair or two in your closet, take the time to find a pair that best fits your body and your current sense of style. Incorporate flares into daily style—don’t change your style to accommodate flares.


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