The coming weeks are pushing, enticing, inviting and demanding that we get out of our logical, goal-oriented approach to life and immerse ourselves in the greater reality that we exist in, and which exists in us.

IcebergThat logical approach treats everything and everyone as separate units and not as a part of an endless connected flow, and this pretty much dooms any chance of real love, real loving relationship or real fulfillment within yourself or with others.

It wires us to treat others as ‘consumables’ to deal with, and make deals with… you buy me dinner and I’ll… you do this and I’ll do that. That is a merchant relationship and not a loving human one.

We are being opened to other realms of art, of beauty, of flow, of spirit, of energy, sharing, generosity and merging that is life itself, and so we are being drawn into deeper realms of living life more fully in a more balanced and human way.

Truth is, there is endless and abundant love in and around us, and we are open to it by giving… love is for-giving… and this means letting go: letting go of me having to win, to be right, to come out on top, and instead, finding ways for us to find answers and solutions together in a caring, sharing manner.

Imagine that you are learning to swim – underwater, in your emotional self – where the usual oxygen is not available… that which keeps you fueled is gone and you now need to find new fuel, new sustenance, new substance, new understanding and flow in this new wet, watery realm.

You can practice this in a daring yet simple process… pick a day and agree with everything, do whatever people want. I call it “having a ‘yes’ day” – saying yes to everything. It will radically shift your usual life stance and position and get you much more flowing and flexible, and will shift your sense of what is important in terms of how you see your own identity.Dolphins

Break as many patterns as you can. Shake things up and shift things around. Then, make sure you spend lots of time with yourself – no TV – gentle music is fine. Have art and beauty around you. Get massages and give them. Don’t just hug a tree, imagine talking with it and it talking with you. Expand your mind out to embrace the world and more… then do that with other people who are willing to play. The big payoff is you will grow and expand in many ways, including your seeing of you and life, and thus your relationships will expand in many ways too… for more richness, quality and value.

See you frolicking in life’s ocean.

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WEB photo ME -> RAustralian Gregory Charles is an astrologer, a personal growth and spiritual leader and alternative healer who has appeared in the national media in many countries (MTV, Good Morning America, BBC). His astrology clients have included Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and Carmen Electra. He has delivered sex and relationship seminars to tens of thousands of people around the world and is a guest lecturer at CU Boulder. Gregory is available for personal guidance and astrology readings.