These flared silk pants are perfect for a summer party.

These flared silk pants are perfect for a summer party.

Silk has been a fashion staple since the beginning of time. Okay, maybe not since the beginning of time, but certainly since the dawn of fashion as a way of life. It is sleek, chic and completely feminine. It is flattering, it is elegant and let’s be honest, you can wear silk with just about everything. Literally from silk pajamas to weddings dresses. So why not pants?

Well this season, silk pants are all the rage. They started to make their way onto the scene in last summer’s collections, but not like they will this year. A few designers anticipated this awesome trend. But now the others have realized it and made silk pants a reality for this spring and summer.

From super wide flares, to tapered pants that grab the ankle, silk pants should be a go-to in your wardrobe. The best part is that they are so easy to play around with. After all they are silk, so dressy or elegant is written into the fabric. But silk is also easy to dress down. Throw on some cute Miu Miu tennis shoes and a white tank top with your silk pants and you have an adorable kick-around outfit for the weekend. This flattering fabric should be warmly embraced this season.

“Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand.” –Oscar de la Renta

Silk pants come in every shape, style, color, and pattern. But if you only incorporate two styles into your wardrobe, go for the basics: a pair of bright, flared ones and a neutral pair that taper and grab at your ankles. You will be able to do a million things with only these two pairs of pants.

A pair of wide legged and bright flares will accomplish many things. They will be chic enough with which you can throw on a pair of stilettos and a silk shirt and hit a fancy, summer party. But by picking a bright color, they are a fun and fresh style for this time of year. And color blocking is huge; so do not be afraid that a bright pair of pants will limit you in what you can pair them with. The sleek and flowing look of silk pants is also faltering, so don’t fuss over color—they’ll look great.

Pairing a flared pant with cute sneakers has always been a definite do in my book, but flared silk pants with sneakers is even more fun. Fashion is about creativity; so do not limit yourself to one look. Taking a great pair of silk pants and dressing them down with sneakers and t-shirt just shows that you understand the full extent to how clothing can be worn. Do not let your wardrobe become full of “outfits.” Take your pieces and mix and match.

Masculine meets feminine with these perfectly tapered silk pants.

Masculine meets feminine with these perfectly tapered silk pants.

For those of you who love this tapered silk pant look—that sort of make you want to dance because they remind you just a tiny bit of MC Hammer—rejoice, because they have hit the runways worldwide. Paired with stilettos and a silk blouse, the sheer elegance of this look is overwhelming. The tapered silk pants carry a slightly masculine flare. And when put with ultra feminine shoes and an elegant top, the look is beautiful but stylish.

The key to this look is picking these pants in a neutral color. The beauty about them is that they do have a slightly masculine look, but the silk is the perfect juxtaposition. They speak enough for themselves; they do not need to be bright and flashy.

For dressing these pants down, throw on a pair of gladiator sandals, a fitted tank and fun jewelry. They are amazingly comfortable, so whether you are heading into the office on a casual Friday or running around town on a Saturday afternoon, you’ll be chic and comfortable.

For those of us that live in cold weather climates, spring and summer cannot come soon enough at this point. But you do not have to wait until it is warm out to wear your silk pants. Because of the fabric itself and the way that silk is woven, it is a surprisingly warm fabric. So even on a cool day, silk will not leave you out in the cold.

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