The holidays are a time to assess your relationship and evaluate whether or not you can see yourself progressing with the person with whom you’ve been sharing dish duty, bathroom counter space and a Netflix subscription (how did Zombie Strippers get on your ‘recommended list?’) .

Then, there are those relationships that are not in limbo love land at all. The relationships that never need a cold hard look are the ones shared with the Perma-Bachelors; these man-boys are chronically addicted to all things virtual reality, diets of candy and booze and the persistent idea that the next girl they date will be hotter, sexier and more apt to make them happy.

Leonardo DiCaprio was just spotted having a wild yacht party in Sydney with his co-star Jonah Hill. The 38-year-old lothario is on a quest to remain commitment-free all the while sowing his old man oats. This particular party included an abundance of bikini-clad young women, many who started stripping off their tops.

Hill was dressed in his usual “I live in the basement of my mom’s” garb–consisting of a ratty t-shirt, gangsta ball cap and denim overshirt unbuttoned (natch). DiCaprio was living out his marriage-free manifesto with cool movie star sunglasses, a cigarette and plain white t-shirt. While DiCaprio has dated a slew of super babes including Gisele Bundchen and Blake Lively (all who have gone on to happily wedded bliss), he’s remained hedonism-ly happy to be ensconced in his responsibility free zone.

Hollywood has it fair share of perma-bachelors; many of the PBs have gone on to settle down by accident or by choice. There was Matthew McConaughey, who is now married with three children, George Clooney who is off the market with his lady love Stacy Keibler and Bradley Cooper, who is rumored to be on the verge of matrimony with Zoe Saldana. 

Maybe DiCaprio needs a dating detox and a hefty dose of husband lessons. After all, swinging on the chandeliers of yachts or in mansions won’t be so pretty alone at seventy.