It is so easy, too easy, to just cruise along on autopilot, getting into habits, patterns, grooves and sleepwalking by the numbers. That guarantees boredom, in your relationships, your bedroom, your work… your life!

Every now and then, the Universe says it is time for change and sometimes that change comes fairly easily, and as a choice. Other times, it slams you like a wave you did not see coming – or maybe ignored the signs until it had to slam you to get your attention.

This week, the energy tells us it is a time for easy change if we choose to take the steps needed. It is time for a breakout of whatever prison we have been hiding in. It could be physical, emotional, heart, soul, body or mind that has been lazy and that now needs a workout.

The simple way to start is to ask, “Where have I been slacking?”, or,  “What do I want that I have not gone for?”, and,  “What fears hold me back?” The answers point the direction. Then, start taking steps, knowing that as you face fears and risk new experiences, you also come alive in new ways.

It always amazes me how ‘winning’ usually gets defined in society by making more money, which we should have learned by now does not create happiness, joy or love – just the plastic versions of them.

Real winning? New experiences. New learning. New knowledge. New awareness of ourselves and our lives.

So many people have only the same experiences over and over without ever really adding new ones unless forced to by life. Then, those experiences are usually painful and those having them feel like hard-done-by victims.

The prisons we live in are whatever is left of the conditioning and rules we grew up with that we have not yet questioned and reviewed. Those rules, etc., created inner voices that tell us what is ‘real’ and we are taught to accept that. What is real is what we believe, and what we act on as if it is real. Affirmations are fine, but unless you begin to live your dream as if it can happen, it likely won’t.

That is the risk of breaking out – trying and crashing, looking like a fool, being embarrassed and feeling like a failure. Well, let’s say you do crash and burn the first time. Now what? Give up or learn from that experience and go again, and again and again until it comes together.

In the meantime, as you go for your dreams, challenge your limits, try new things (anything – drive a different way to work), learn from others – then you are adding new layers of experience as a basis for new knowledge (not just information) and wisdom.

How often do you hear the idea that growing wisdom and knowledge in life is the real win? I say it is. They lay the base for high quality of life: love, value, purpose, sharing… being fully human.

Everything else is just detail and circumstance.

So break out more, and more, and see for yourself the wisdom of these words.

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Australian Gregory Charles is an astrologer, a personal growth and spiritual leader and alternative healer who has appeared in the national media in many countries (MTV, Good Morning America, BBC). His astrology clients have included Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and Carmen Electra. He has delivered sex and relationship seminars to tens of thousands of people around the world and is a guest lecturer at CU Boulder. Gregory is available for personal guidance and astrology readings.