Winter is here and it’s time to break out your warm and cozy clothing for some of the coldest months in Denver. A winter staple that is seeing a great transformation this season is the sweater. Fun and wearable garments are emerging at all price points that will keep you warm without limiting your style.

Blair in an Otte sweater

Step out of your comfort zone and away from the standard cardigan! Have fun with your style and try something new, whether it be a new silhouette, color, graphic, or what you are pairing your sweater with. Below are five ways to to take on the sweater this season.

1. The Oversized Sweater                                                                             Enhance the silhouette of your standard sweater to create an updated version of the traditional cardigan. An extra-large version of a favorite cashmere looks lux and avoids looking too stiff this winter. Go for a silhouette with dropped shoulders and extra length at the torso to achieve the ‘half-tucked-in’ look. Pair an extra-long cashmere with a sleek pair of leather leggings for an evening out. Going for an oversize sweater can also be a great way to spruce up a wintertime casual look. Fashion blogger Blair looks cozy in her amplified Otte turtleneck sweater. But remember, when going oversized on top, try to keep the shoes more dainty and feminine, so no Uggs or Ugg like clunkers. One takeaway tip this season is to opt out of wearing Uggs at all times! The trend has passed and this simple change will elevate your look and reduce your friend’s embarrassment when you show up in the dated duds.

Samantha in Whetherly

Urban Outfitters

2. The Sweatshirt                Transition a sequined miniskirt past the holiday season and into daywear by pairing it with a casual sweatshirt. A sweatshirt silhouette will dress down a nighttime look and balance a feminine look with a masculine edge. The unexpected twist will add a sense of whimsy to your outfit while staying away from any sense of sloppiness. The men’s section at Urban Outfitters has always been a favorite of mine when shopping for a more masculine T or sweatshirt. Pair something graphic and metallic, like this Biggie Smalls sweatshirt, with a colorful skinny pant to add an unexpected twist to a casual look.

Markus Lupfer


3. Graphic Intarsia
Graphic intarsia can easily raise the price tag for any sweater, but the joy you receive when wearing a fun and often unexpected print is priceless. Markus Lupfer has put out a luxurious line of pop-art styled sweaters that can brighten anyone’s day. Many are adorned with sequins or boast witty texts that will make anyone look twice. Other retailers like J.Crew have presented fun prints this season including a brightly colored French Bulldog. Pair the unexpected sweaters with traditional elements like a tuxedo pant or button up shirt.

Anh in Ann Taylor

4. Short Sleeve Sweater                                                                          The standard cotton T is a staple of mine, but come winter it becomes more and more difficult to wear one without covering it up with layers. Solution: a cashmere T! A cashmere T-shirt can keep you warm and comfy without layering. Anh, from 9to5Chic, looks professional in a short sleeve cashmere sweater.

5. Sweater Care                                                                                 Sweaters can cost a bundle, so to keep them looking their best, treat them with care. In general, cashmere is a dry-clean only fabric; the few bucks that you could save by washing it at home are not worth the costs of shrinking it. Care for sweaters in between washes by folding them. Hanging a sweater causes it to stretch at the shoulders and collar, as gravity pulls the heavy fabric down. To keep garments smelling fresh, invest in a garment deodorizing spray like The Laundress New York for J.Crew’s Cashmere Spray. It wards away moths, it is antibacterial and keeps sweaters smelling fresh, it’s a triple threat!