A little known secret is that the State of Colorado is home to a plethora of artists. Our economy has flexed and is recovering. Which explains why the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA) recent report reflects over 14.6 million people attending visual and performing arts events in 2011. Creating a $1.76 billion dollar market for art in Colorado, an 18.4% increase since 2009. The creative community in our state is over 200,000 strong. (1) These are just a few of the reason’s Kirk Norlin created Colorado ArtSeen a statewide monthly guide to everything art. “This is like a directory on steroids”. Boasts Norlin.


Colorado ArtSeen November 2012 Cover


The guide is currently focusing on events and locations of artists, art galleries, museums, dance, film and theater with plans to also expand toward restaurants and breweries. The number of listings has grown from the 1st publication of 500 to over 700 on their now 3rdpublication. “The listings are growing in leaps and bounds. I just found out that what was once called Delta County has now created an art district called North Fork Valley”. Norlin states and continues “What was once a loose artist co-op of over 50 artists is now recognized by the state, due to the state’s initiative to start setting up state recognized art districts. This is similar to what happened for Salida and Santa Fe Street and others scattered across the state”.

Jonathan Saiz artist, created mural for Pompeii exhibit at The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Holly Weyand interviewing. Photo courtesy of Colorado ArtSeen



Norlin points out that this his main reason for deciding to develop and create a statewide  publication is due to the fact there is so much happening in our state. “I didn’t know what was happening up and down Tennyson Street let alone in the City of Denver, because as a gallery owner you’re pretty much locked into your cave and it’s hard to get out on a First Friday”. Says Norlin, who also owned an ad agency and has a background in marketing. Keep in mind the art districts are trying offer different opening night receptions, such as River North District (RiNo) hosts their receptions on 2nd Saturdays in order to spread it out. This guide helps in your direction of creative expression and allows you to not miss a thing.




Kirk Norlin with press check of first issue. Photo courtesy Colorado ArtSeen



Colorado Artseen is the only statewide guide to tantalize your artistic taste buds. They do not compete with other publications and nor do they want others to feel threatened by what they do. It is a once a month publication out the last week of the month. Norlin explained that they are between a magazine and a newspaper, currently resting at 16 pages with a goal of hitting 32. Should you leave the house without your physical guide you can also access on your mobile device.




Launch Party at Z Cuisine. From right to left: Kirk Norlin and Wouter Reyniers with ByThePixel Colorado ArtSeen website developers, Holly Weyand, managing editor of Colorado ArtSeen and Kyle Krukar, also with ByThePixel.




As an art enthusiast, I am excited to see such an all-encompassing guide for art lovers and collectors. For questions or suggestions contact Colorado ArtSeen at [email protected] and visit their website at coloradoartseen.com to subscribe. You can also find a copy at your local galleries.






Statistical information was gathered from: (1)  Colorado Artseen website, and Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA)

Wendy L. Pitton R. is a culture writer for 303 Magazine and the owner or WENDO Productions.  WENDO Productions is an artistic production and artist representative company. WENDOProductions.com