The Friday Experience: Art of Winter Kickoff

Artistic adventures happen no matter what the season. In the summer the streets of Larimer and 14th Avenue become the canvas for hundreds of artists using chalk as their medium. In winter the canvas has changed to skis and snowboards. The Art of Winter, an indoor and outdoor exhibition, showcases over 40 local artists and designers in locations throughout Downtown Denver and the Historic Larimer Square. Two artists that were selected for this artistic challenge of painting on snowboards are Denver locals Sydney Eitel and Randy Segura.


“The Birds” by Sydney Eitel. Photo courtesy of Eitel.



Sydney Eitel began in the arts as a child due to a teacher who had presented her with the opportunity to explore the arts and also encouraged her to pursue them. Eitel’s mother, an artist herself, was also very influential in encouraging and believing in her daughter’s choice to become an artist. “I am rewarded with the joy my paintings bring into people’s lives”, Eitel says. Painting from her heart and experiences from her travels are the things that she loves. While painting on a snowboard was a new surface, Eitel was comfortable with the medium of acrylic and then sealed with a clear coat. “I focused on watercolor seriously for the past 10-15 years and over the course of the last 2 years have picked up acrylics and oils”.






Sydney Eitel creating art. Photo courtesy of Eitel



Eitel believes that it has been her persistence, patience and discipline that have been key to her success as an artist. Eitel has won numerous awards and has also been part of the consulting committee with Larimer Arts Association for the chalk festival. Eitel declares that even with all the awards and committee recognition, one of the most exciting events in her life was having her design chosen by the Denver Mayor’s office to be made into a bronze plaque that rests at Denver International Airport in the United Airlines concourse. You can currently find Sydney Eitel’s work at Lapis Gallery on Tennyson Street in Denver as well as the Corner Cupboard Tea Room, 20th and Wadsworth in Lakewood. Echter’s Garden Center in Arvada is also showcasing her work November 10th-18thwith an afternoon opening reception this Saturday.

“Mara Giant” watercolor by Sydney Eitel. Photo courtesy of Eitel.
“The Popcorn Chronicles: Hot Buttery Goodness” – snowboard art by Randy Segura. Photo courtesy of Segura.
Randy Segura working on mural. Photo courtesy of Segura.


Randy Segura’s first art show was in 1995 at Sunset Gallery. This was the first time that Segura discovered his passion for painting and it involved large canvases. “I had purchased several    4’ x 6’ canvases from Denver Art Supply. They wouldn’t fit in my car, and the bus driver wouldn’t let me on the bus. I ended up walking up the hill to my apartment on 14th and Downing”. Segura hasn’t just painted on canvases, often times his canvas has been an exterior wall. Segura has painted many murals around the Denver area with the most popular and recognized murals located in the North Denver.


“I have never painted on a snowboard before, but the acrylic paint I used is the same artist quality paint that I use for most of my artwork and murals”. Segura enjoys working with his hands and has worked in the sign making industry for over a dozen years. This has been a good fit while for him as he continues to explore his artistic expression and style. “When I was younger I had no idea of the extent this dream of being an artist would take me. I try to maintain that feeling of being lucky that I have gotten this far”. Segura sits on the Artists advisory committee for the Denver Chalk Art Festival. “My mother has been my greatest influence because when I was younger she encouraged me towards the arts, telling me I could be whatever I wanted to be. She planted the seed of my dreams that became what my life is today. My life in the arts has given me confidence”. Segura believes that his perseverance, family and his own passion for the arts have allowed him to be successful in this field. “Over the years I have developed my style in my art. I believe this is what attracts people to my artwork. I am truly doing what I love and have a passion for” Segura concludes.


“High Up Above” by Randy Segura. Photo courtesy of Segura.


Tonight you are invited to join Sydney Eitel, Randy Segura, as well as many other Denver artists from 7pm-9pm at The Denver Beer Company, 1695 Platte Street, to kick off the celebration of the Art of Winter.   Something Independent and Larimer Square co-founded the Art of Winter 3 years ago to showcase Denver artists. It is an indoor and outdoor installation that will go up mid January 2013, with an auction to be held for the artwork in February, however tonight there is a sneak peek at some of the finished snowboard and ski artwork.


For more information about the Art of Winter please visit as details will be posted as the date approaches in January, as well as,


To view additional artwork by Sydney Eitel visit her website at and for Randy Segura artwork visit




Wendy L. Pitton R. is a culture writer for 303 Magazine and the owner or WENDO Productions.  WENDO Productions is an artistic production and artist representative company.


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