Lake Atitlan by Ben Rasmussen.

A trinity of generosity and a hunger to change and connect the world has joined two non-profit organizations and an award-winning photographer in a collaboration entitled “Exposure 2012: Friendship Bridge in Guatemala.  Project Exposure, Friendship Bridge and Ben Rasmussen are that triad and their efforts give answers and education in response to impoverished women and how to improve their lives more than temporarily.

Project Exposure is a non-profit founded by professional photographer Tim Ryan. His organization matches other nonprofits with pro bono photographers and covers the expenses of the photographer to travel to the parts of the world where the nonprofits operate and later on creates exhibitions of the still photographs captured.   In Ryan’s words and in the release for the exhibit he states,

“We saw a real need to help small organizations that couldn’t afford a professional photographer to document their work.”

Friendship Bridge and Project Exposure connected through some personal relationships. Ryan then realized that the organization was exactly the type Project Exposure aims to work with.  Friendship Bridge is a non-profit which provides loans and education on business, health and self-esteem to Guatemalan women to help create solutions to poverty for themselves, their families and their communities.

Photo by Ben Rasmussen.

The triad was then brought together when Ryan sought out filling the photographer role.  He knew he wanted Rasmussen whom he had worked with on another previous project.

The traveling exhibit is the culmination of this trios work together and will be available for viewing until September 28 at Vertigo Art Space which is sponsoring and hosting the traveling show.  The photos are the end product of Rasmussen’s time spent in Guatemala as he observed and photographed how Friendship Bridge impacted these women and their lives.  To learn more about the project visit